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Green Funding Coin

Fair and equitable ESG investment

Green Funding Platforms (GFP) is a new crowdfunding platform for ESG Investment with a visible flow of funds by Green Funding Coin (GFC). ESG Investment refers incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance factors into investment decisions. ESG investments already operate with a market cap of over 25 Trillion USD. By utilizing Blockchain Technology, GFP can make the flow of investment 100% traceable, transparent, and unalterable. GFC is the key currency used to invest and pay out on GFP. When coin holders use GFP, they send GFC to the entity they wish to invest in. The entity will return the yield of rate to investors in GFC. The investors can take the return with them or reinvest in other entities. GFC is designed to have a low volatility because the price of GFC is fixed from pre-sale period until listing on exchanges to avoid a crash right after listing due to high sell pressure. Thanks to its design and the above eco-system, investors will enjoy an increase of the value of GFC steadily and sustainably as well as investment itself. Those currently investing in GFC are more wealthy, sophisticated investors. This is because they are aware that ESG related investments are more sustainable in the long run.

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Price in preICO
1 GFC = 0.02 USD
IEO launchpad
Price in ICO
0.0200 USD
preICO start
1st Jan 2019
preICO end
31st Mar 2019
ICO start
2nd Apr 2019
ICO end
31st May 2019
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About Green Funding Coin

We aim to conduct ESG investment protection that is more visible to the investor, assisting in making the business environment operate in a healthier, more transparent manner. Our business activities to that end can be broadly divided into two initiatives.

The Green Funding Platform (GFP), is an investment platform through which investors can invest into environmental technology and CO2 reduction initiatives, as well as ventures and projects that operate with regard for human rights. The GFP's operating body, Green Funding Platforms Co., Ltd., maintains a list of inspected and selected technologies, ventures and projects, from which investors can select their preferred target for investment online.

As all information regarding investment and the purpose and results of that investment is based on the GFC cryptocurrency, which is built on the blockchain, the flow of funds is guaranteed to be completely traceable and transparent. Furthermore, the entire history of flow of funds is managed via Distributed Ledger Technology, making manipulation almost impossible and ensuring proper use.

GFC (Green Funding Coin) is the key currency used to invest and pay out on the GFP. As a cryptocurrency built using the blockchain, it can be transferred instantaneously and for a low cost without regard for borders and bank accounts, and with its entire worldwide transaction history traceable using Distributed Ledger Technology. Utilizing the transparency and fairness of the blockchain, GFP can make the flow of investment intended to improve the world more transparent, creating an environment in which ESG investment can flourish.

We hope you will look forward to our Green Funding Platform and its key currency, Green Funding Coin, which seek to enrich humanity and the world.

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