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The Grand 50 Coin is viable crytpocurrency sculptured after Satoshi Nakamoto’s sight of bitcoin. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer transsactional cryptocurrency developed to offer a solution for the proof of Work Currencies. As , in proof-of-work the relative quantity of the voting power is bifurcated among Miners , developers and other members of the community which makes it implausible because of the super charged mining power. Grand50 commutes an easy to go proof-of-stake algorithm that is easy to be mined on any computer without using the high computational power or Graphic processing unit. The Grand50 coin is evaluated with a proof-of-stake consensus that is economical in terms of the use of energy. The purpose of the Grand 50 Coin is to allow the miners to mine with the masternode with fixed block rewards so that there can be statistical distribution of the coin by fair means. 85% of the block rewards are for the masternode miners. While 10% of the block rewards are for stakers and the rest 5% for the governance pool that is decentralized. The masternode structure of Grand50 allows equally weighing of the coins around the network it means the large wallets do not receive the higher amount of benefits as they were used to before. The concept is easy that owners of the masternodes will get the same amount of reward as per the block. The total Supply of Grand50 Coin is 5,000,000,000 (5 Billion). The mechanism of the Grand50 Coin is based on Bit green that has been adapted to utilize both proof-of-stake and masternode consensus.

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10th Jan 2020
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10th Feb 2020
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10th Jan 2020
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10th Feb 2020
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About Grand50

Cryptocurrencies have grown exponentially since their creation in 2009, with the total cryptocurrency now hold a market cap of more than $200 billion.

The market has now grown to thousands of coins. Today, there are almost 2000 distinct cryptocurrencies on the market, a number that will continue to grow daily. With this rapid growth, there are concerns that some of the new coins are secure and some are not. In this environment, picking the right coins to store crypto funds is becoming a highly complex task.

With the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies, an increasing number of professional and amateur investors around the globe are being attracted by the potential returns. There are more than 26 million users of blockchain wallets in the world, and over the past year, this number increased by 12 million. Such increasing tempo suggests growing popularity, but it also signals challenges to the cryptocurrency market structure.

The cryptocurrency market, nevertheless, remains famous for the opportunities it offers to investors and businesses. Last year, ICOs and altcoins provided a return on investment of up to 500%. According to recent statistics, there were 902 token sales in 2018 which raised a total of more than $2 billion.

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