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Geeq is a public blockchain platform that supports multiple independent or interoperable blockchains, each validated by a proprietary set of protocols that produce audit-ready ledgers. Blockchains on Geeq are completely Sybil-resistant and provide security guarantees against collusive Byzantine behavior, Geeq's protocols also provide partition resistance so that a 100% attack on a Geeq blockchain will only result in a short delay of a few minutes of block writing. Together, any blockchain on Geeq is guaranteed to produce a globally honest, provably canonical fork, detectable to the end user based only on the information the user is able to see. Geeq users are empowered to do due diligence using our Proof of Honesty (POH) protocol, to interact only with other honest users and nodes giving them recourse against any dishonesty that may occur when using a permission-less blockchain. Tokens cannot be stolen from any user who uses our POH protocol to check that the chain is honest. Geeq blockchain solutions are directed toward any use case in which the blockchain must be reliable enough to stand up to audits. We expect demand for these services to grow as consumers become more aware and suspicious of the user of their data. Using Geeq allows businesses to claim a competitive advantage in the transparency of their practices. Finally, the Geeq platform will serve as infrastructure for any developer, enterprise, or individual to start their own blockchain applications, while Geeq's primary business model is to validate their transactions. Validation costs are low enough to support IoT and micro transactions, and solves the scalability and interoperability problems due to multiple chains rather than a single independent chain and as a result Geeq is also future-proof.

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PreICO Price
1 GEEQ = 0.18 USD
1 GEEQ = 0.25 USD
Soft cap
250,000 USD
Hard cap
750,000 USD
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About Geeq

Geeq provides an answer to all of these problems. Let’s begin by describing what Geeq is. An instance of a geeqchain is any blockchain that uses Geeq’s validation protocols and architecture (described below). The set of all instances collectively form an ecosystem of separate but interoperable blockchains that make up the Geeq Platform. Each geeqchain extends from its own genesis block created by Geeq which guarantees the integrity of security of the instance.

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