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Global Crypto Alliance

The Global Crypto Alliance (GCA) is an international decentralized institution formed by teams of professionals in diverse areas of blockchain computing, cryptocurrencies and business development. It aims to address several major issues in the fast-growing blockchain industry by developing services and technology utilizing blockchain. The growing array of services will fulfill the needs of any project; Let this be marketing, legal, technological, humans resources management, you name it. We either have it or we are working on it. Additionally, the Alliance continually brings in more companies to its global network forging partnerships and promoting mutual collaboration for blockchain solutions.

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About GCA

Since Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies were born in 2009, Crypto has become a macrocosmos in itself. It is an ecosystem made up of thousands of organizations and millions of human beings. The rapid and intense process of growth of crypto-businesses and crypto entrepreneurship and the interconnection with traditional systems — legal systems, financial systems, social systems — is putting high pressure on all projects related to Crypto and Blockchain, to an extent that they are generating demand for all kinds of professional assistance from all sectors, not only informatics and computation. 

The entire crypto-ecosystem of our planet in 2018 involves already thousands of organizations and hundreds of thousands of small-, medium-, and large-scale businesses. The combined market capitalization of all these businesses is already nearing the level of trillions of dollars. This means that the network of companies, corporations, institutions, communities, projects and many other kinds of organizations that are interdependent for the natural self-sustainment of the system, has already a macroscopic size.

We are arriving to higher degrees of complexity in the network as millions of people become interconnected through this new kind of decentralized economy based on its own industry. In this present new macro-ecosystem, unlike one decade ago when Satoshi Nakamoto conceived the Blockchain, programmers and software developers are not the only required human resource anymore.

Experts in computation and coders will always be essential, but Crypto now is also in urgent need for an infinite number of services created under the logic of the Blockchain to provide assessment and assistance to each member of the ecosystem and to the millions of people who conduct businesses related to the Blockchain: lawyers specialized in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, business developers, marketing specialists, linguists and writers, all kinds of  engineers, scientists, doctors and health professionals, organizational psychologists, mental health consultants, accountants, graphic designers and art experts, as well as an infinite number of masters of other sorts.

All areas of human labor are now connecting themselves to Crypto, and as a natural feedback loop from the explosive demand, Crypto is actually showing a strong need of support from all these resources. The Global Crypto Alliance was born as a decentralized source of solutions to the growing needs of professional help that thousands of Crypto projects and organizations are seeking in the budding and briskly growing blockchain industry. Our solutions derive from strategic global alliances.

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