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GameChain is a lightning fast EOS-fork customized specifically to the needs of the gaming community. With Smart contracts, cross-chain interoperability, atomic swaps and state of-the-art on-chain developer tools to build amazing games. Game developers can run ICOs for their games directly on the GameChain.

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GCC token
1 GCC token = 0.0143678161 USD
Hard cap
9,400,000 USD
KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas
USA, China, Iran, North Korea, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia and Yemen.
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About GameChain

Gamechain is a lightning fast EOS-fork: EOS reached 1275 TPS on its mainnet in July 2018, a speed that is fit and future proof for needs of the gaming industry. In 2019 GameChain will implement its own custom blockchain allowing all features to be onchain. GameChain is customized specifically to the needs of the gaming community by gamers and experienced gaming developers. These customizations include tournaments, chain-wide scoreboards and reputation features as well as trading ingame items. GameChain is also a gaming ICO platform. Game developers can easily run an ICO for their gaming idea on the GameChain. This allows creatives to access funding, and ICO supporters to participate in the game’s success.

On-chain smart contracts allow gamers full flexibility to write any kind of smart contract rules to fit their gaming needs. This includes any type of gaming logic, ingame incentive structures as well as payment processes handled by custom smart contracts. GameChain comes with a powerful toolkit named Bcreator, that allows for simple drag and drop for game development, allowing anyone to work with smart contracts for game creation. Gamechain makes creating blockchain-based games easy and fun, opening up game development to everyday users. Passion and a love for gaming are the only ingredients required to become a professional game developer on the GameChain.

GameChain’s unique reward system creates an economic incentive similar to Steemit for users to create content on the GameChain platform. This ensures longevity and growth of the GameChain ecosystem. GameChain is cross-chain interoperable. This allows GameChain to seamlessly interact with other chains such as Ethereum, NEO, Wanchain or Icon. Game developers can integrate other chains’ data into their games, such as Augur prediction results, or can accept other currencies such as BTC or DASH as in-game payments. The possibilities are endless. GameChain’s cross-chain interoperability also allows the integration with other gaming platforms such as Gamecredits or Gamebank, making GameChain the
first blockchain-agnostic gaming chain.

Atomic swaps on the other hand allow for instantaneous exchanges of GamechainCredits (GCC) for tokens of other chains, such as ETH, WAN or USDT. An exemplary application of this is GameChain’s gaming ICO feature, where all contributions can immediately be swapped for USDT, keeping the value of the funds stable. GameChain is brought to you by the creators of worldwide best selling games such as “Star Wars: The Old Republic” and the upcoming mobile blockbuster “Warhammer: End Times”. GameChain is proud to call Shanghai-based EOS Gravity its key strategic partner. EOS Gravity is the largest and most influential EOS community worldwide with over 100.000 members. Gravity’s Co-Founder Li Wan Cai is a close advisor to GameChain and supports the project in terms of visibility, connections and adoption. The Gamechain team has a strong track record of delivering quality products. The 35 member team is following an ambitious technical roadmap with the Gamechain prototype already available since early July 2018.

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2 members invited
Wu Peng (Oliver Wu)
Dong Hao
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