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Casino games with REAL cash prizes are now FREE. The FreeCash Online Casino does not allow anyone to deposit any cash or crypto, but instead allows players to use crypto-currency mining to generate gaming credits. Players can then freely gamble their gaming credits to amass fortunes! We are working with world leading gaming provider Twelve40 to provide industry leading games to players – but for free!

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Benchy 2.6
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PreICO Price
1 PRIZE = 0.48 USD
1 PRIZE = 0.7 USD
Soft cap
6,000,000 EUR
Hard cap
60,000,000 EUR
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About FreeCash

FreeCash is a gamified crypto wallet that de-risks players through cryptocurrency mining. 

First and foremost, FreeCash is a gaming site where users spend time enjoying their favorite card and casino games. Meanwhile, their smartphones are mining game credits through the app. The credits cannot be purchased, only rewarded, based on the number of hashes mined during game time. The coins mined are CPU-friendly and ASIC resistant, keeping smartphones safe. Users can collect mined money, or to gamble profits to win more.

The platform features games that allow players to win millions, without spending a penny of their own money. Gameplay is funded through crypto-currency mining technology, without requiring any technical knowledge from the user.

With large volumes of users, FreeCash is able to pool the mining funds and distribute them back to players through game winnings, prizes, weekly lotteries and raffles. It is the first casino that has a winners only policy. By paying the user instead of having them pay, is a true paradigm shift. This is one of the main features to acquire sticky customers.

While mining is typically an energy intensive process, the FreeCash mining pool leverages existing energy sources to create a decentralized power plant for mass market mining. FreeCash aims to encourage people from outside of the crypto space to play its games with the potential to win money and prizes, while contributing processing power to mining and hence, the prize pool.

Users will have a secure wallet built into the app, so there is no need for a bank account. This is how FreeCash will bring everyone to blockchain. Not just non-tech people, but also unbanked ones and those who have never had access to the benefits of cryptocurrencies. FreeCash can be the gateway for the unbanked to be on blockchain.

By encouraging mobile based mining, the FreeCash blockchain network will be resistant to geographical events such as natural disasters, political influences and centralization due to electricity costs.

To ensure the platform is accessible to even the novice smartphone owner, FreeCash has designed the entry requirements to be as simple as possible. To protect all users, even gambling fanatics, the platform uses internal credits only. These are being mined by the phone while playing. Our PRIZE Token powers the platform, allowing stakeholders access to in-app purchases, advertising packages and will be publicly traded on exchanges. In the case of advertising, all tokens used for packages are burned, decreasing supply and ultimately driving up demand.

The second development phase will migrate the FreeCash network onto a semi-permissioned consortium chain which would decentralise the platform and allow users and casinos to create their own games through Smart Contracts, using the PRIZE token. This will expand the FreeCash safe gambling market whilst making it more diverse.

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