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Ratings FRED Energy

FRED Energy ICO & IEO Token Sale

FRED Energy aims to promote and facilitate greater adoption and generation of alternative energy by consumers and Fund Research into Energy Devices (FRED) Rising energy costs, fuel poverty and access to support and funding for energy device innovators are some of the problems FRED Energy aims to solve.

3 2 expert ratings
Benchy 4.1
Review: coming soon PRO
FRED Energy / FRED
Price in preICO
1 FRED Energy / FRED = 0.005 USD
Price in ICO
0.0050 USD
Restricted areas
China, USA, North Korea
ICO start
29th Jun 2019
ICO end
29th May 2020
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Michele Zilocchi
Crypto Expert, Advisor, Business Developer @ Amicaborsa
Rated on Oct 25, 2019

I love the vision of this project, bringing electric vehicles across the world. Starting from asian tuk tuk is a good way to try to speed up the adoption process. Anyway, not all the asian areas have a capillary electric grid, so charging may be difficult in some areas.

Besides the idea and the vision, I do not understand why the blockchain is needed for this kind of project.
Many grammar mistakes in the whitepaper

Team with not enough technical background. I understand that professionals wants money to work, but I offered my work for free several times at the beginning of some projects because I really trusted in those projects and in the Founders. If professionals could see something really promising here maybe they could decide to invest their time.

Norm Bond
Consultant, Digital Marketing Strategist
Rated on Sep 23, 2019

The core team is small. Not a lot of experience on the tech side of alternative energy and demand. Primarily PR and communications experience. This is important but team needs to be more well rounded.

Vision is worthwhile. The project goals are ambitious and challenging. They have added more green energy projects to portfolio. See whitepaper. Not sure in viewing whitepaper how they achieve goals.

No MVP beyond Stellar based wallets to store FRED tokens. No mention of signed agreements of JVs with inventors or governments. Token sale exchanges and further IEOs to be announced. No mention of use of previous funds.

Community is active on BitcoinTalk. Bounty program is attracting attention driving social proof. 495 followers on Twitter. Telegram 7174 members. 47 followers on Instagram. Facebook has 54 likes and 474 follows. Social community needs work.

I think the project has overall good value and mission. Still need to see more deliverable and proof to attract investors.

Michael JosefsenICO team member replied on 25 Sep 2019
Hi Norm,
Thanks for the review which was informative and helpful in identifying areas that were either missing or not made clear.

I always aim to speak honestly and freely, hopefully the following doesn’t upset anyone.

Just a couple of comments to help clarify our situation;

Team: A well rounded team is of course important and at this stage it’s difficult to get real people with expertise in certain areas on the team, without having working capital for hiring. We are currently in talks with a renewable energy consultant and we are hoping he will join our team shortly, prior to this we had consulted and done our research in this area. In my opinion, hiring for specialist roles can be done once the project has the investment it requires to begin planning and implementation. I have seen many so-called dream teams over the years where projects have apparently raised the required funding and more only to disappear into the ether. I’m not sure which is preferable to the investor, an honest team and viable project or a rinse and repeat marketing strategy.

Product: We do have an MVP in the form of our marketplace which we are able to implement regardless of funds raised via token sales, and this is scheduled for Q4 this year. We do also have a partnership with an innovator, and we are currently working with a product designer on the development of an outdoor/camping product based on the solar powered light and phone charger.

With regards to use of previous funds, we have never had any. Since we first launched in 2018, the project has been entirely funded from my own investment. This includes exchange fees, servers, marketing etc and throughout there has been almost zero coin/token sales to generate funds for the project. Our current position is no different, near zero token sales ($2400) after six weeks (I like to be honest and less of the smoke and mirrors).

The lack of token sales also affects our ability to sign agreements for further IEO’s, therefore we can only state to be announced and in the mean-time enable token purchases through our sales platform on our website and through the decentralised Stellar exchanges.

Thanks again for the review, its much appreciated.
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