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Revolutionizing the Health & Fitness Industry

The Fitrova (FRV) cryptocurrency is designed to primarily serve the Health & Fitness industry by way of providing a clear and concise payment system together with harnessing blockchain technology to maintain accurate billing and membership details aswell as logging user flow and sharing individual client goals and feedback amongst internally linked health & fitness clubs that are part of the branded network.

7 6 expert ratings
Benchy 1.7
Review: coming soon PRO
1 FRV = 0.0051020408 USD
Soft cap
71,000,000 USD
Hard cap
326,000,000 USD
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Mofassair Hossain
CEO and Founder Perhalic, ICO and IEO Advisor, Investor, PR and Marketing Expert
Rated on Jul 9, 2018

Lack of infromation. will suggest to do KYC. there are many scam proof about this ICO. I dont see the proper use of blockchain here. It will not be a GOOD investment for Investors

Dr. Rex Yeap
IP Blockchain inventor | Serial ICT inventor | Angel Investor | Quant | Educator | Meditator
Rated on Jul 6, 2018
Modified on Mar 29, 2019

C1. I would like to invite Bryan, Sonya and Joseph to undergo the ICOBench KYC.

C2. Numerous scam reports relating to Fitrova:

C3. I may revise my ratings after hearing from the team & upon clearing the ICOBench KYC.


Follow-on review as at 29 March 2019

C4. As it turns out, other than zero info from Bryan and team, it has emerged that Brian Seiler has move on to another ICO named Tagz, see

C5. Additional information from a Fitrova Support Telegram Group:
**************************************** Start 1
Exit Announcement from Fitrova:
"Due to recent events and the nature of past actions including but not limited to targeted FUD, personal and group level sabotage, market manipulation attempts, non viable arbitration trading, exchange delistings and overall negative community sentiment, the Fitrova project has been temporarily suspended from further development. The Fitrova project will remain suspended until which time it becomes a viable option to re-explore the financial capacity of the project to recommence in the future."

His video on exit:

Skype screenshots: (4 images)

His story has holes:
- How can we verify his claim of alleged manipulation? Why are market force cited as a reason to suspend the project?
- Why is arbitration trading the concern of a roadmap when he is just an CEO and not investor?
- Didn't he encourage arbitration by suggesting buying FRV to swap SEO can gain 900%?
- Why was he having a meeting midnight 12AM in Cambodia?
- Why Bryan could see the telegram technical message if he couldn't login?
- Why can't Bryan create a new telegram account to address investors.
- Why is it a need to return to Australia to recover SIM card if it was his telegram account that was comprised and not the SIM?
- Why 'wallet hack' happened 4 hours after the intrusion detected?
- Why did he go to sleep instead of activating security measures?
- That wallet only has 67M FRV, 2M SEO and 20 ETH. There are no visible marketing, no team, no partnership, no dev. Where did the money go?
- Can he be precise whether it is lack (misuse) of fund or the 'hack' that causes the project to be suspended?
- Couldn't he show the book before he claims the fund was drained? How can we know he wasn't misappropriating the fund?
- How does this lack of fund has any correlation to 'manufactured sabotage' when it is only 67M FRV and 2M SEO?
- Why wasn't CMC, etherscan notified of the security breach to put warning message?
- Why was the private key in the cloud unencrypted? Why was it even in the cloud!
- Where is the proof of App, new exchange, partnership
- Since only 60M of FRV are accounted for, where was the 2.5B FRV reserved for swap?
- Why wasn't he using 2FA for Google/Youtube?
- How could he recover his hacked youtube account using a reset-password?
- Why was his fitrova website updated when he stated he should be sleeping in skype?
- Why was his linkedIn account hacked in a fashion where only FRV was removed from his profile?
- Where and what is the contingency plan in event of security intrusion?
- Where is the police report?
- Where is the aftermath security assessment?
- Where is the security audit?
- Why is the intruder allowed to have 4 hours to delete all traces? Mostly incriminating evidences of a fraud, he even made the effort to join chat groups that he previously departed.
- Google has audit log of security actions such as reset password, enabling of 2FA etc. Where can we review the log?

For a summary of this scam, read

For sample of unordered exhibits, start from (14 images)

For more information, visit

Please take 5 minutes to report @
Scamwatch is run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).
ACORN - Reporting scam and protecting yourself online
Western Australia Police Force
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
**************************************** End 1

C6. Additional information from another Telegram group:
**************************************** Start 2
Welcome to Fitconnect! Visit us at Please take 5 minutes of your time to report Bryan to the authorities: Help to report FRV / SEO / Bryan @

Scamwatch is run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), and provides information to consumers and small businesses about how to recognise, avoid and report scams.

ACORN - Reporting scam and protecting yourself online, you can help make Australia a harder target for scammers


Fitrova (FRV) is controversial cryptocurrency/blockchain project crowd funded via initial coin offering (ICO), with the following registration;

Entity: ABN 91 309 150 897
Entity type: Individual/Sole Trader
Business: Twilx Web Solutions

FRV is deliberately misrepresenting lack of attention from related authorities as a form of legitimacy.

Accusations of deceptive practise includes;

False advertising

FRV was advertised as a promising project with tangible valuable resources: a reliable team, partnerships and a sound roadmap. In ICO and cryptocurrency trading, information like these are the only visible parameters in decision making matrix of investors. Investors can only rely on utmost good faith of the source of information to value their purchases. However, their trust is nothing short of breached, as discrepancies started to unfold;

FRV team is fabricated with stolen images of unknown participants. CEO nonchalantly downplayed the grave consequences of such act, when that clearly left a significant impact - financial loss on investors' book.

Partnerships were discovered to be questionable after partners distanced themselves from FRV. CEO attempted to fill the holes of his account with more deceptions. Unilateral non-disclosure agreement was cited to explain the silence or disavowal from partners. Even if investors are willing to dispense with some benefit of doubts, there is no question those partnerships weren't as concrete as they were first advertised.

It is very easy for investors to argue they were overpaying for features that do not exist in a product. Investors reportedly lost up to as much as 99.9%.

Fraudulent acquisition

Twilx is reported to acquire FRV in a deal worth USD$119,700,000. This high value acquisition was not published by any media, except a paid article on cointelegraph, an online publisher of cryptocurrency news. This report was after CEO announced a 'buyback', the buyback never materialized as it was merely a swap of financial products, both owned by the same entity.

While Twilx is a sole trader business registered to a residential address, with a mailbox and no employee. It sold itself as the leading digital marketing company, to peddle its grossly overvalued financial product.

CEO misrepresented the value of acquisition as a reserve to peg the arbitrary price tag of $7.48 to SEO. This price tag was applied selectively to questionable swapping formula that only benefits CEO in the expenses of investors.

In this swap, investors were also misled to sign a fraudulent waiver of liability under the impression the swap is a giveaway goodwill of CEO that would offset their losses. There were no reason to believe that was properly represented and investors understood what they signed and such a waiver must be voided.

High Yield Investment Scheme

CEO has been, without any basis, suggesting his financial product is a vehicle for unusually high ROI, sometimes as much as 28,000%, by projecting the future price of his financial product in an unrealistic manner.

On one instance, potential investors were promised high yield if they were willing to purchase FRV to swap for SEO - a deal that would allow investors to gain instant 900% relative to their investments.

There are no reliable report of any beneficiary. Till date the market capitalization of SEO has not materialized as first projected. Investors are still bearing the burden for this make-believe.

**************************************** End 2

Shohel Alam
ICO,IEO Advisor| Blockchain Consultant | Growth Hacker | Listing On Exchanges | Marketing And PR Expert | Mentor
Rated on Jul 10, 2018
Modified on Jul 10, 2018

Don't have much information about team member.

No KYC . Will suggest to do KYC and update all team member information.

Soft cap and hard cap is not suitable for this project. Totally unprofessional activities.

There are many scam proof about this ICO.

It's not a GOOD investment for Investors.

Gauthier Bros
Gauthier Bros
Rated on Dec 28, 2018

This project need to be updated, i will be happy to do another review once all informations requiered to understand the ICO will be here.
- KYC for the team
- All financial datas
- LInk to social networks
- Whitepaper
A project like this seems dead, feel free to contact me once updated.

Dennis Oosting
Founder of Serendipity Blockchain Solutions
Rated on Jul 9, 2018

If the team does not respond to this, it will say enough already:

But please, do read all articles concerning the "team" behind Fitrova and do your own due diligence. For now: stay away from this project.

"It has been uncovered so far that 5 of the 8 team members have stolen identities!

As previously reported in a long list of red flags, one of the most prominent issues was the team information and their lack of presence on the internet. The Fitrova team has stated that an agreement was signed with Google to remove all information of the team from their search engine. The team has also said the LinkedIn profiles that were originally indicated on the Fitrova website and all social media/contact information have been removed due to an unclear anti-spam policy."

Simone Stella
Developer and Advisor
Rated on Jul 14, 2018

Red Flag. Probably this ICO is a scam. There is little information available, and there is a lot of evidence online that this project is a scam (as other experts have already pointed out in their ratings).

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