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All the Useful Files in One Place Library is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer library for useful free and paid content that will provide one single place to publish and preserve useful files of all types. Using this platform, anyone can publish files that they think have some value. These files will be stored on a hybrid-decentralized network to ensure fast download speed and uninterrupted access to files, even if there are no seeders online or the main servers go down. Users will be able to receive tokens for useful work - uploading, sorting, tagging files - and will be able to spend them on legally buying copyrighted files, increasing private storage space or exchanging them for other extra services.

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Benchy 4.4
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ICO start
1st Mar 2019
ICO end
1st Jun 2019
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Daryl Naidoo
Founder-Promethean Dynamics |Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect|Blockchain Advisory Council |Alliance of Blockchain Professionals |
Rated on Feb 13, 2019
Modified on Feb 13, 2019

This is a really awesome concept, I like the blockchain use case and team seems to be experienced and capable.

An incentivized peer to peer, decentralized network. Would really like to see this project take shape.

Janis ViklisICO team member replied on 15 Feb 2019
Some top general questions we are asked to clarify:

1) We run Token crowdsale to crowdfund Library in 2019
2) We sell tokens for $0.01 each
3) Tokens are backed by storage infrastructure (1FFM = 100MB)
4) Storage is Private storage (not on Library)
5) Permanent (Lifetime) storage is a LIMITED crowdsale offer to crowdfunders
6) It will be possible to freely sell tokens via the crypto exchange

FFM token is a digital crypto currency, that gives you rights to use infrastructure - private cloud storage, if you hold them in your wallet. Blockchain and token will have future use cases on the Library.

More info in the Library presentation:
Ian Scarffe
Blockchain Consultant, ICO, IEO, STO Advisor. Founder at Crypto Consulting and Investments LTD.
Rated on Feb 20, 2019

This is a good and original idea in an area that can make use of blockchain technology. The team is good in terms of quality and quantity, and the whitepaper looks solid. I look forward to seeing this one taking shape.

Iulian Anghelin
ICO - STO - DAICO Advisor, Investor Relations, Public Speaker
Rated on Feb 12, 2019

Interesting and ambitious project, which aims to combat online piracy in some way, introducing a fairly convenient legal system, exploiting the Blockchain, and with reward system for users.

The team is large and presents various figures that cover more or less all the necessary roles. There are a good number of developers in the team, but despite this, there is very little activity on github, which only reports to a couple of files. Remember that github is the mirror of your project and of the product you want to launch, so you should take care of it a little more carefully, above all with the team of developers you have, you should travel at great speed.

Social and communication channels held very well, updates and daily activities, and also present good community numbers. Even website and whitepaper executed very well and carefully, while the MVP is a bit too synthetic, there are only a couple of functions available, the rest is all preview and info.

in 53 pages of whitepaper, however, I failed to analyze a complete and accurate business plan, as well as a tokenomics. I still do not understand why one has to buy your tokens, and why should hold them. In the distribution, the "reserve fund" is excellent, while the 4% of 10B of token is excessive and it will not please investors very much.

I'm not sure that with the prefixed softcap (1M), if you should only collect that, you could respect the roadmap without alterations, since only a well-prepared blockchain developer can cost about 250K per year.

All in all a good project with a good vision and good team, but that still has to grow on various aspects. I will re-evaluate it soon, to see the updates.

Janis ViklisICO team member replied on 13 Feb 2019
Hi, Iulian! Thanks for taking a look into Some comments to clarify details:

Why someone should hold a token?
1) a user will need to have (hold) token, if he will use private cloud storage, let's say - for encrypted backups:

2) We will grow the userbase and web visits of the platform. That will increase internal transactions of the business model - storage sales, file content sales, advertisements and pro features. The token supply is limited. So
The growth of the users and transactions should be reflected in the value of the token.

About softcap/crypto developers:
1) we have already created a token and integrated into
2) the hardcap for the first year of development is $10M
3) In the 2018, we have built most important tech features already. We will advance the platform anyway.

MVP Product demo:
1) here is another demo link, how the platform works, Peer-2-Peer download, and embeddable video/audio Player:
Doris Cornago
Account and Investor Relations Manager at Utopian Capital
Rated on May 20, 2019

→ Blockchain Advantage - Very Good
→ White Paper - Good
→ Team Composition - Good
→ Tokenomics - Fair
→ Business Model - Very Good
→ Social Media Presence - Fair
→ Collaborations & partnerships - Good
→ Fund Allocation - Good
→ Legal Loopholes - Fair
→ MVP/ DApp/ Working Product  - Fair

You can maximize the potential of this product by using the best marketing team for spreading your vision. Mass adoption is the key to success, everything else is preparatory to the work ahead. Best Wishes on your coming ICO.

Fang Jiaw Lim
Rated on May 15, 2019

Great team and very experienced. An idea that exploits blockchain technology to provide access to information at a very low cost and earn money at the same time.

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