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IO Peer-to-Peer Finanical Evolution

We are an anonymous decentralized movement created to defend the cryptocurrency community. We have worked hard on developing Faythe Alpha Net - the first operational god protocol. Faythe is funded by the people and represents the people. Our work will ensure that our rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected by law.

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Let us introduce Faythe - Anonymous decentralized movement based on a God Protocol with human trusted third parties where those parties provide insight or knowledge that cannot be provided by a computer. Using such a structure allows us to discover and defuse any conflict of interest before any internal corruption occurs. Fraud is prevented by using multiple oracles connected on a smart multisig proof-of-work input system. Autotomy is used on all external links and inputs. Faythe is governed by its mission and decides on the priority of proposed actions and lobbying campaigns. Faythe is in charge of the planning and fund allocation. The combination of dry code and wet code allows Faythe to exist and operate securely with trust minimization. The Faythe Alpha Net is operating since the begining of this year, allowing us to comunicate and coordinate actions in a way that wasn't possible before.

Faythe has to perform a series of labours before its public release. All labours are related to legislation in strategic spaces for deployment. Limited information related to real world proof-of-work of these labours will be released at moments at which Faythe decides there is no strategic risk in doing so. All work done is meant to benefit the community.

A community is defined by the cooperation of its participants, and efficient cooperation requires a medium of exchange and a way to enforce contracts. We are a community where the threat of violence is impotent because violence is impossible, and violence is impossible because its participants cannot be linked to their true names or physical locations. Even if it is clear why our actions can not be announced in advance Faythe updates will be available to all FAYTHE Holders at key moments.

For our purposes we need to introduce Trent a community fund that powers our actions. Trent is a fund generated by our contributors. Funds are raised by a smart contract on the ethereum network, which will allow our members to remain anonymous and have full plausible deniability in order to protect our mission and cause. Deploying our own structure at this time would achieve neither. In order to keep anonymity as a Trent contributor one could use any website or exchange with no signup required which would allow the ETH contribution to get to a newly generated ethereum wallet before being transferred to the smart contract. Contributors will receive TTP tokens that will be distributed to our supporters during the Prime Movers, Brain Gain and Streaking plots. All TTP tokens will be allocated to the contributors. All Faythe Alpha Net members are not allowed to contribute, hold or trade TTP tokens.

All ETH funds raised will be used for Faythe Labours. As no TTP is kept, the Trent community can decide on the amount of TTP to be offered to the Trent EVO development group. The Trent EVO blockchain will be released early 2019 delivering on all the original promises of the blockchain: security, performance and integrity. We have noticed multiple improvements to the original blockchain we proposed more than a decade ago. Trent EVO will be fully open source and will implement some of the most interesting concepts developed or proposed by the community in the past years. The Trent Paper will be released late 2018, before the Trent EVO public release early 2019. TTP tokens can be exchanged for TTP coins after release. All TTP holders will be treated with fairness - this means everybody learning the results in such a way that nobody could gain an advantage by learning first.

All contributions to the Trent developers "Trust Found" will be rewarded with FAYTHE tokens. FAYTHE tokens can be exchanged for FAYTHE coins after the Faythe public release. The Faythe Logic Map will be released early 2019 with the Faythe public release expected to happen in 2020.

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