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More than Just a Payment Gateway

Eurocoinpay es una aplicación desarrollada bajo la más tendente tecnología que permite poder pagar y cobrar cualquier servicio o producto que compres o contrates con la criptomoneda que tú desees. Eurocoinpay ofrece una plataforma integral a través de la cual las criptomonedas dejarán de ser tan solo un depósito de valor para pasar a tener usabilidad real en las compra-ventas habituales de nuestro día a día. Ademas en ella se pueden abrir y cerrar operaciones de compra y venta en el mercado público de las propias criptomonedas, consiguiendo ampliar su gama de servicios para fidelizar aún más usuarios al proyecto.

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Benchy 3.3
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100 days 17 hours left
2018-03-01 - 2018-10-31
1 ECT = 0.50 EUR
BTC, ETH, Fiat
Minimum investment
50 EUR
Hard cap
24.000.000 EUR
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About Eurocoinpay

Eurocoinpay, from the user’s point of view, is a payment application that allows the user (client and business) to pay and receive payments in the cryptocurrency they desire. From a technical point of view it’s the first exchange with balances that can be used on a daily basis thanks to the payment application developed for iOS and Android.

The aim of Eurocoinpay is to provide society, for the first time, with a technological tool that allows people to decide which currency to use to pay for products and services with complete freedom.

We are characterised by being the first platform on the market that, thanks to the fusion of two great technologies, Ethereum (ERC20) and IOTA (Tangle), allows the final user not only to be able to pay with the currency of their choice, but also allows the commercial recipient to determine in which currency they receive the money, whether crypto or FIAT money (EUR with no fluctuation). All that with no waiting for confirmation from mines and without the transaction costs involved.

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