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Software Distribution Re-Imagined

Our goal is to better support and embrace software developers. There are a number of places developers can list their product for sale and there are companies that will help promote software. eTardis is different. Our focus is the developer and their product. We will help support the developer to do what they like to do the most, develop great software. As such, we will purchase the distribution rights for their product to give them an up-front payment. We will then start to market and sell their product with our proprietary concept to maximize profits. The profits don’t just return to eTardis. They are distributed in a unique way between the developer, eTardis operation costs, and reinvestment into marketing activities. The more a product earns, the more investment it will get into marketing and sales activities to benefit both the eTardis company and product developer. If that isn’t enough, eTardis wants to recognize the relationship between the developer and the company. Although the developer is not part of eTardis, they can be eligible for profit sharing.

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About eTardis

There are thousands of independent software authors, open-source & companies with great products. These small companies or Independent Software Professionals (ISP) often do not have the resources and capital (and sometimes desire) required to properly market their products. They attempt to distribute the product as Shareware by listing it on a download site. They put an arbitrary price on their product in hopes that customers will see it and purchase the product to pay for the authors' development expenses. In general, there are many similar programs and without proper marketing and sales, great products can go unnoticed and the developer does not maximize the value of what they have created.

eTardis plans to obtain distribution rights (optionally exclusive) of some of these products that prove to be unique and/or of high demand. These products might have mass appeal with a low sale price or a more specialized application with a higher sales price with lower volume. The eTardis system plans to maximize the sale price, which may be adjusted over time due to seasonal or other changes in market conditions.

The eTardis business will be unique as if focuses upon solving the developers marketing and sales issue as well as the end customer by matching the products price to the customers perceived value. In some cases, this may fill a customer's temporary need through a short term product rental. For the retail customer, short-term leasing/rental of software will allow usage of unique high-valued software at a reasonable cost for a short period of time. They customer will not need to commit to a long term investment in a product for which they only have a short-term need. Developers offering free
trial periods tend to lose this revenue since the customer usually completes their need during the trial and now does not need to purchase the software.

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