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Digital Economy Based on Websites Connectivity

Epocum offers a platform oriented to guarantee security and transparency for the next generation of digital remuneration based on websites connectivity. There is a direct proportionality between the connectivity of a web service and its economic value. Epocum has been designed and developed in order to allow anyone to invest in their web service and make it remunerable based on its reputation, which for the first time it's represented by the external connectivity. Furthermore the platform offers other services for simple users based on imported connectivity through decentralized links (dLinks).

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2018-02-19 - 2018-03-31
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About Epocum

Epocum is a decentralized application that provides transparent and decentralized services over connectivity. In a world dominated by digital finance we think at connectivity as a good. And every good has value. The vision at the base of Epocum’s platform is that there is a direct proportionality between the connec- tivity of a web service and its economic value, where if connectivity increases, its economic value also increases. This vision gives life to smart sharing contracts, a typology of service integrated in the plat- form that combines the transparency of the smart contract with the media power of social networks to derive the best advertising service to offer without any intermediary and on their own. 

The transparency outside the smart contract is derived by a decentral- ized link shared over social networks or any other place on the internet. The smart sharing contracts change the way sharing advertising worked before. Until now, a web service could be advertised only on the as- sumption that it wanted to be, now with Epocum everything is reversed: a billion of websites are going to be advertised. Web services owners can pay anyone to advertise their website by set- ting a minimum amount of people they want to visit it. If promoters meet their goal, the smart contract pays them accordingly!

Web-owners benefit immediately of an almost free advertising. The platform incen- tivise users to share your service on their social networks. As your connectivity increases, their income increases. If you are an influencer, promoter or simple user you can increment others web services con- nectivity by sponsoring them on your favorite social network. The more visibility you bring them the more you earn.

In order to earn from their connectivity web services must meet three criteria, one of those is that they must hold a percentage of EPM in their wallet according to their connectivity. This way every website creates its own economy.

With Epocum, for the first time, anyone can monetize their web service with no need for ads, intermediaries or marketing affliliation.

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