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Enzed Share

Turns Waste to Wealth

Enzed Share Limited has developed a sustainable Green Business Model backed by plastic waste on the Blockchain Technology. SNZ PTF System is our patented innovative, proprietary process to convert plastic waste into renewable energy namely, Ultra Low Sulphur High Cetane Diesel Oil. The Blockchain Technology allows the transfer of value and information without third parties. They give the tools to successfully face the challenge of creating a community-based platform with a wealth generation through the process of cleaning plastic waste that are transparent, efficient and inclusive.

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1st Sep 2018
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30th Nov 2018
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About Enzed Share

Our business model can solve Blockchain mining’s surging electricity consumption without boosting pollution, an issue threatening to halt the meteoric rise of the digital currency.

Our PTF System converts almost all Municipal plastic waste and turned them into High Cetane Ultra Low Sulphur Green Technology Renewable Energy Diesel Oil. Through the SNZ PTF System, plastics waste that was buried deep in the landfills, as well as fresh domestic plastic waste, can be converted to Green Diesel. This technology reduces the potential Carbon Emission due to the burning of plastics with its less than 10 ppm of ultra­low sulphur is friendlier to the environment.

Our first sustainable project is designed to turn plastic waste to digital wealth by cutting the carbon footprint of plastic waste. We are using our own renewable energy which not only environmentally friendly but also profitable. As we own our energy, we will bring the cost of supporting our Blockchain miners and its infrastructure almost no or little cost, far below the 15 cents breakeven point needed to make a profit from mining operations.

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