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Milestones empowr

Empowr is a Democratic Social Economy

The product is a democratic social economy, currently in open alpha with 800,000 active test users who earn currency by selling or sharing physical or digital goods and services, posting and sharing content, and much more. Users self-govern by electing the company’s president, senators and congresspersons.

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USA, Singapore
preICO start
1st Apr 2018
preICO end
15th Apr 2018
ICO start
16th Apr 2018
ICO end
30th Jun 2018
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Coin distribution event commences

Initial Coin Supply
Beginning on April 15th, 2018, empowr will commence a token distribution event that will disperse 500 million units of empowr coins, constituting 100% of the initial available liquid supply.
In line with its democratic ideals, empowr will distribute the entirety of its initial coin supply to the community for free. Recipients will include empowr’s community of users, success coaches, advisors, partners and employees. Thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts will also be provided empowr coins completely free of charge.

User minting
Following the token distribution event, empowr users will be able to mint coins by posting and sharing.
To enable the minting of coins, each month the empowr smart contract with release newly minted coins to the empowr marketing and compensation engine. Each month’s coin release will be exactly 1 percent smaller than the prior month’s release in perpetuity, diminishing to near-zero in the future.

empowr presidential election

On June 15th, empowr will host their 4th presidential election where the users will elect from among themselves the next empowr president.

Launch of empowr’s 3rd party app developer platform

Upon the completion of the empowr alpha phase and launching the beta phase, empowr will officially open
the app platform to application developers around the world.

Developers will instantly benefit from the viral growth of their applications within the social feed of empowr
citizens, virtually all of whom have funds maturing in the account balance, that that can spend with just one
click to purchase apps or conduct transactions within apps.

AID: Helping Developers Succeed
Under a program titled AID (Application Innovation Dollars) empowr’s marketing and compensation engine
will materially reward developers that deploy apps that, specifically, work to create earning opportunities for
empowr citizens.

AID will help these apps achieve critical mass and profitability by not just promoting their apps and bringing
them customers, but by subsidizing a portion of the compensation that these apps provide to their app workers,
thereby fast-tracking theirsuccess.

As a result, there will soon be hundreds and then thousands of new ways for citizens to earn within the
empowr ecosystem. It’s not hard to envision multiple Uber or Airbnb clones competing within the empowr
ecosystem, operating with the advantage of having a captive audience that all have funds that they cannot yet
“cash out” due to maturation requirements (described earlier)… funds that they can spend on or within these
apps immediately.

empowr believes that this approach will ensure millions of consumers will favor utilizing apps located
within the empowr ecosystem over those on the outside. This phenomenon gives empowr apps a significant
strategic advantage that they will use to achieve network effect lock-in faster, while also helping to break any
lock-in effects already achieved by external apps in virtually all industry verticals.

It’s not farfetched to predict that these apps will be able to quickly succeed, as they’ll be able to pay their
workers much more in their first and most important months because those payments to their workers are being
subsidized by empowr AID.

As word spreads that the empowr ecosystem is the best place to launch apps; and as the apps that offer
economic upside (IE: work) to their users are materially assisted (by empowr AID) in their ability to bothattract
customers and pay their workers; demand for the empowr currency will continue to grow

Brick and mortar store integration into empowr marketplace

With the addition of the empowr app platform, brick and mortar stores can begin accepting empowr coin as a form of payment, as well as integrate their inventory into the empowr marketplace.

2019 and beyond

Below are some of the products and features that empowr is actively examining, designing and/or

empowr believes that by building these features in unison – designed to be compatible and interoperable
with each other — each of them has a markedly higher chance of adoption and success, giving empowr a quicker
and more secure path to the accomplishment of its mission:

• Decentralized Social Network
• Decentralized Marketplace
• Decentralized Banking
• Decentralized Transportation
• Decentralized Customer Service
• Decentralized Collateral System
• Decentralized Educational system
• Decentralized Trust system
• Peer-to-peer Crowdfunding
• Distributed Judicial System
• Distributed Cloud
• Decentralized Personal Data Locker
• Decentralized Messaging and Communications
• Decentralized Applications
• Decentralized Voting
• Smart Contracts
• Platform for Anonymous Agents
• Decentralized Reputation System
• Uncensorable Content
• Distributed Social Energy Grid
• Trustless Transactions
• Decentralized Identity
• Support for Internet of things

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