Decentralized Blockchain Lodging Ecosystem

Emphy is decentralized blockchain lodging ecosystem. Blockchain technology along with smart contracts provides safer, faster and more affordable way to rent properties for vacations. Emphy will make it possible to solve and simplify the problems that most of the guests and landlords face. Emphy is the way to better travel experiences, discovering new destinations, meeting new people.

0.13 USD
From EtherDelta on 2017-12-16 21:52:47 UTC
Price in ICO
0.10 USD
ICO start
7th Oct 2017
ICO end
5th Nov 2017

About Emphy

Our ecosystem will make life easier for both guests and landlords. For instance, with Emphy, listing registration becomes more straightforward and clear. Landlord can accomplish publishing advertising in a few minutes having just a smartphone. Guests will get more complete information before they decide to book a property. Along with motivating bonus system and feedbacks, this provide better and more reliable way of lodging.

In our ecosystem we combine most disrupting technologies
to create next level consumer product

  • Smart contract
    This allows both sides to be sure what they are dealing with, providing certain rules in each particular rental deal
  • Mobile
    All actions from adding rental property to renting it as well as payments are done with mobile devices
  • AI applied
    Special AI is used to provide quick and reliable facial recognition for ID verification
  • Peer-to-peer
    With peer-to-peer network, we remove middle man which allows to significantly reduce process and service fees
  • Decentralized
    With decentralized architecture ecosystem becomes more reliable and less exposed to outside influences
  • Marketplace
    Large number of rental offers for reasonable price, at locations never available before
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