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Team eHealth First

An IT-platform for Personalized Health Management

The eHealth First is an IT-platform to support decision-making in the field of health management, longevity, diagnostics, the prevention and treatment of common diseases for non-specialist users, medical specialists, researchers and business, based on blockchain technology, machine learning, natural language analysis, neural networks, big data, clinical epidemiology, evidence-based medicine and telemedicine. EHF is a platform that is built to expand. At the core of the entire platform is a database - a knowledgebase - of medical literature. The platform currently includes two apps that function by using AI and natural language processing to quickly reference necessary medical information from this literature. The first app is a consumer grade home diagnosis and medical recommendation app. The user completes an initial medical screening, and receives a thorough preliminary analysis of their health, along with recommendations for treatment or consultation with a live physician.

4 3 expert ratings
Benchy 3.0
Review: coming soon PRO
PreICO Price
1 EHF = 0.006 ETH
1 EHF = 0.01 ETH
ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft cap
8,000 ETH
Hard cap
259,000 ETH
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Apply as an advisor

Nickolay Kryuchkov

Chief Executive Officer

Arnold Mitnitski

Advisor in Mathematical Modeling of complex biomedical systems, Systems Biology of the aging process, Advanced Data Analysis.

Daria Khaltourina

Director, Public Health and Longevity Programs

Nick Guldemond

Advisor in Health Policy and Management, Clinical Epidemiology, Public Policy, eHealth, Clinical Neurology, Clinical Diagnostics, Clinical Studies, Aging and Longevity Studies

Aubrey De Grey

Advisor in Biomedical Gerontology, Aging and Longevity Studies, Biotechnology, Drug Assessment, Health Promotion

Denis Rysev

C.T.O., Blockchain and Health Records

Eray Ozkural

Director, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and High-performance computing

Keith Comito

Senior Expert, Software Development

Edwina Rogers

Advisor in Health and Social Security Policy, Longevity and Aging Studies, Primary Care, Government Affairs and Lobbying, Strategic Planning and Entrepreneurship, Media and Public Relations, Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Sviatoslav Plavinski

Advisor in Clinical Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Advanced Data Analysis, Diagnostic Algorithms, Machine Learning in Medicine, Legal and Regulatory Affairs

João Pedro de Magalhães

Advisor in Aging and Longevity Studies, Genetics and Genomics, Therapy and Prevention of Ameliorate Age-Related diseases, Technological Trends, Transhumanism

Kalluri Subba Rao

Advisor in Clinical Genetics, Aging and Longevity Studies, Biochemistry, Neurobiology, Biotechnology

Victor Solntsev

Advisor in Financial Management, Business Models, Coaching, Project Management, Risk Assessment, Investment Strategy, Business Development

Paul Spiegel

Attorney at Law, Advisor in Legal and Regulatory Affairs (in the U.S.A.) for the biotechnology and IT industry, business structuring and startups, international business consulting, domestic and international intellectual property practice, publishing, li

Artemy Malkov

Advisor in Strategic Planning and Entrepreneurship, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Oliver Medvedik

Senior Expert, Human Genetics, Genomics and Biochemistry

Lyle Dennis

Senior Expert in Clinical Medicine and Biomedical Studies

Mihai Manolache

Director, Observational Studies and Patient Support Programs

Zamir Akimov

Advisor in Blockchain, Crypto Economics, Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Artyom Gil

Senior Epidemiologist and Biostatistician

Sergey Baryshev

Senior Software Developer, Web and Mobile Applications Development, IT Infrastructure

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