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The Sustainable & Affordable Housing Platform

A blockchain based platform which empowers people to collaboratively build and finance innovative, affordable housing projects. We aim to subvert large developers and banks who currently control housing worldwide. The end goal of the platform is to become a tool which enables the democratic creation of sustainable smart cities.

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1 EHB = 0.00005 ETH
Minimum investment
0.05 ETH
Hard cap
50,000 ETH
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Restricted areas
USA, China, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Crimea
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About ehab

We are in a global housing crisis, made up of 3 issues.

  • There is a significant lack of affordable housing; which seriously negatively affects 1.6 billion people and impacts a further 2 billion
  • Environmental issues are plaguing cities (air & water pollution and the growing effects of climate change), and there is no set pathway for cities to follow to counter this
  • Cities are swelling, we must build a further 1 billion new homes by 2025 to meet demand (3) These are all huge problems on their own. However, the only way to solve any one of them is to completely redesign how the housing system works, which in turn would see you solve all 3. We see this as an incredible opportunity for financial and social impact.

What is our proposed solution?
Ehab is a blockchain based platform which connects people, innovative property developers and the crowd. We then provide the tools to design, fund and build; sustainable homes, resilient neighbourhoods and livable smart cities.

Our vision is to create an ecosystem which can help people, companies and governments form equitable, practical pathways toward sustainable urban development and increasingly automate the processes to move forward.

But what does this solution look like?
It’s digital - Connecting stakeholders, planning the build and doing full designs for a project can all be done much more cost effectively through a digital medium. The platform can be accessed by anyone anywhere, to create the connections required for a project.

The process is customer focused - The current system disregards the needs of the people who will eventually live there. We want to reverse this and make housing about people again, in so doing homes and places will have a more personal aesthetic and our platform will have an undeniably unique offering in the marketplace.

The development partners use modular, off-site or 3D printing build methods - These build methods are of higher quality & environmental standard, are more predictable (therefore less risky), faster to put up and have huge cost reduction potential. Our solution is built to help these companies scale as this plays a key role in building homes affordably and sustainably.

It uses blockchain technology - This technology can make the supply chain and construction process more secure, transparent and cut costs. For the buying and selling process it can be used for conveyancing, escrow and crowdfunding. It’s use will underpin the platform and enable the platform to help remove fraud (particularly in emerging markets), speed up transactions and internationalise the investment aspect of the platform at very low cost.

It uses smart contracts - This technology can automate many admin tasks during the construction process, especially those linked to payments. By using them we can make the process more efficient and transparent. They are also deployed in the investment side of the platform and help automate and reduce friction with payouts.

It uses digital shares - Tokens are a digital way of representing and moving value. They are created by the smart contracts and bought in order to raise funds for the project. These tokens represent equity and have dynamic values hard coded into them which can have different value triggers according to the real life progress of the project. By using tokens we can implement flexible shared ownership schemes and make property investment much more liquid.

It incorporates fundraising - By creating a secure, transparent ecosystem we will create an offering that institutional property investors will see the benefits of investing through. Particularly for our sustainable and affordable projects we can use the data driven nature of the platform to show the opportunity these types of development can offer.

Why is this a competitive advantage over the traditional model?

  • People are unhappy with the current model and our platform offers an alternative
  • We serve the huge underserved majority, which is a considerable opportunity for our partners
  • Our technology cuts costs by removing the need for so many middle men
  • This pushes up margins for developers, encouraging more to join the platform, which increases the overall value of the system for every new member
  • This increases our capacity to scale and take on more projects which increases the desire for projects to join our pipeline

This solution is digital, automated, transparent and scalable, the traditional system is not.

Who are we?
The team is a blend of passion and experience, from tech, construction and social enterprises. The CEO has managed social enterprises for 2 years and is the perfect figure head for the movement ehab is proposing. The CTO has 20 years of software development and product ownership experience. He managed large teams of developers for 5 years prior to the ehab role. We have 9 advisors all of whom are experts in their field, ranging from smart cities, to startup scaling, social enterprises and construction.

ICO KYC Report
2 members invited
Josh Graham
Filipe Moura
KYC procedure verifies selected/specific team members only. It does not guarantee ICO success nor is a call for investment.
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