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Public Distributed Cryptographic Platform

Ecostart is a public distributed cryptographic platform for creating applications and software solutions on an open blockchain. The platform is created for financial support of ecological and nature protection projects. The core of Ecostart will be TerraEcocoin's own cryptocurrency (TECO), which generates the Proof-of-Importance algorithm.

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31st Jul 2019
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About EcoStart

Revolutionary TerraEcoCoin cryptocurrency.
Instant and transparent funding for Blockchain-based.
Environmental projects.

The essence of the project.
EcoStart is a global multi-functional platform for business support in green tones using blockchain technology.
First, its own cryptocurrency platform with a cryptocurrency exchange that will allow users and investors to buy, sell and store digital assets in the global ecosystem. The core of the platform is the TECO cryptocurrency, which is generated using the Proof-of-Importance algorithm. Secondly, it is a marketplace where all the participants of the ecological community are united: environmental projects, investors (socially responsible business) and volunteers. Thirdly, it is a fundraising platform for raising money for environmental projects, including through the release of its own tokens by environmental projects (a token generator and smart constructor designer). Fourth, this is EcoStart Fund, an environmental investment fund. EcoStart will be a reliable platform for creating applications for funding in “green” projects, in the sphere of ecology and sharing the economy. Our goal is to increase investment in green projects and tokenization of
investment activities. 

EcoStart Blockchain has all the necessary characteristics for this:
Fast transactions about 100 thousand transactions per second;
Lack of intermediaries;
Energy-saving verification protocol (up to 100 times less than for Bitcoin)
Low transaction cost;
Smart contracts with new advanced features and tools for creating it.

How EcoStart Solves Environmental Problems
The Ecostart platform will bring together all members of the environmental community on a common website (marketplace), where users can:
Access to contacts of all project initiators
Service to create a cryptographic wallet
Access to detailed project information
Informing about new projects
Individual search and project selection
Verification of the reliability of the authors of the project
Getting a real project rating
Placing your investment proposal
Attendance of the presentation sessions organized by the EcoStart platform

Each participant in a few clicks can create an environmental event, issue project tokens, place the project on the platform and get expert evaluation of the project.
Environmental community members, volunteers and investors are responding to the project using the platform tools and the built-in instant messenger. Everyone can take part in a project that is interested in him: as experts and consultants, as volunteers, as investors and sponsors from anywhere in the world and with a contribution with any amount.
Do you understand the principle? All help each other. And this process happens as quickly and transparently as possible.
Without the state, politics and various intermediaries.

EcoStart Services
Marketplace uniting all participants of environmental communities (green business, investors, volunteers) with Fundraising application -
service to create registered digital tokens as instruments for financing environmental (green) projects approved by Ecostart experts;
TerraEcoCoin's own cryptocurrency with generation by POI (Proof-of-Importance, proof of significance);
Cryptomessenger based on P2P technology (peer-to-peer);
EcoStart Fund’s Investment Environmental Fund (IEF) for financing of environmental projects further (IEF).
System of expertise and recommendations (formation confidence ratings of the platform participants).
Open API for building applications by implementation and support of environmental projects.
Space Surface Monitoring Application land
The system of motivation (rewards) of the participants of the platform
Ecological lottery, 50% of the funds remaining after payment of winnings and operating costs will be directed to the environmental investment fund (for jurisdictions with a permitted type of activity).

Main features of EcoStart
1) Simple fundraising for environmental projects
Without banks, bureaucracy and significant costs.
2) Observation of the ecology anywhere in the world
Monitoring in minutes. The participant enters the geoportal - selects a point - and he sees the real ecological picture in the selected region.
3) Each community member will be able to create their own applications for environmental projects.
The logic of the applications will provide smart contracts, and integration with third-party resources - an open API for developers.
4) Part of the commission from the TECO transaction is automatically sent to the environmental fund
When community members perform financial transactions among themselves, the commission from these transactions replenishes the investment fund (IEF), which funds green projects.

1) Investors, sponsors (socially responsible business) for financing environmental projects will create a positive image for themselves and PR, and in the case of investments in “green” commercial projects, they will also receive income.
2) TerraEcocoin cryptocurrency owners will be able to create masternodes for the functioning of the platform and get a steady income, as well as invest in green startups.
3) Volunteers will be able to receive information in real time about the place and time of environmental campaigns.
4) For startups, it will be possible to apply to an investment environmental fund, which is focused on financing enterprises and startups implementing environmental projects.

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