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Decentralized Reputation System

In response to the issues of fake news/contents/accounts, DREP Foundation aims to provide a blockchain infrastructure and decentralized reputation protocol. These will empower existing Internet platforms to unleash their reputation value and achieve the interconnectedness of reputation data in the Internet community. DREP's vision: - Build an infrastructure to accelerate internet platforms’ (social networking, online content providers, online games) user growth and traffic monetization - Tackle the issues of fake news/contents/accounts identification and filtering - Enhance tokenomics based on reputation-backed assets and reputation-backed currency - Establish token holders sharing pool for more targeted user acquisition

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About DREP

DREP Foundation is committed to building a performance-oriented technology infrastructure, supporting high transaction capacity for an ecosystem generating valuable reputation data. Focusing on two industry pain points: lack of user adoption and low transaction throughput, DREP Foundation aims to provide a highly scalable blockchain architecture, DREP Chain, for deployment of a reputation protocol that anyone can use.

DREP Foundation provides a decentralised reputation ecosystem comprised of a public chain, a reputation-based protocol and a suite of tools for internet platforms (DRApps) to leverage its power.

DREP Chain Overview

DREP Chain is a novel scale-out architecture, with a mutually independent governance mechanism for the two-layer structure as well as within shards.  

Characteristics of DREP Chain:

1. Scalability - To overcome the fundamental limitation of existing scalability catering to the needs of large scale Web-based DRApps

2. Tokenomics - To allow the flexibility and versatility of reputation-based tokenomics for DRApps

3. Zero Identify Proof/ Privacy - To enhance the data privacy security and encryption features by providing user's ability to have a private identity in a public ledger

4. Data Aggregation - To deploy reputation protocol with requiring capabilities of data storage and data aggregation

5. Processing Spend - To provide low to no value transactions with substantially low cost  

Reputation Protocol Overview

DREP is developing a technology layer that quantifies, monetizes and aggregates reputation value of users across different platforms, including e-commerce, gaming, content, social networking platforms.  

The reputation protocol is uniquely designed to serve the reputation-based assets and currencies running both internal ecosystem and across platforms, thus empowering data sharing and easing the information silo effect.

  • Core Components of Reputation Protocol
  • Reputation Quantifying Mechanism
  • Tokenized User Growth System
  • Upvote/Downvote Mechanism
  • Fake Account Identification  
  • Token Holder Sharing Pool  
  • Reputation Exchange Hub  
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