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Charity and the Blockchain

Dolecoin is the youngest, simplest, and noblest emerging cryptocurrency in the cryptoverse. Birthed in not just good intentions alone, but with a Heart of Gold. It is a cryptocurrency on a mission to dole out wealth, aid and assistance within and beyond the cryptospace. It’s going to be a crypto soul winner! Technical Details Dolecoin is an open source, peer to peer, community driven decentralized cryptocurrency. It is built on the ethereum blockchain as an Erc 20 token.

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Price in ICO
1 DOLC = 0.4 - 1 USD
ICO start
4th Dec 2017
ICO end
30th Dec 2017
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Dole as the word implies is “a dealing out or distributing, especially in charity. It is a portion or allotment of money, food, etc., especially as given at regular intervals by a charity or for maintenance. It is also a form of payment to the unemployed. Thus the birth of the D.C.C.I and subsequent birth of the D.C.M which you will acquaint yourself with as you read further.

The Dole Coin Crypto Initiative (DCCI) seeks to solve the ever present problem in society in which charity has been the solution for quite a long while. Yet there are constraints plaguing charity and philanthropic platforms all over the world. Thus the DCCI aims at lending a hand to charitable organisations and getting involved in charity movement itself, thus birthing the Dolecoin Charity Movement. The DCCI also recognises the rate of unemployment all over the world. Though it offers no job opportunities in this early phase but it offers dole payments at regular intervals to everyone able to purchase the Digital Asset.

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