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Digital Wallet

Fiat & Crypto Wallet for International Citizen

The world has become and entered into an age where human resources move and cooperate with each other across the world due to the remarkable evolution of transportation methods, improvement of communication infrastructure, and human resources through exchanged policies and treaties. Digital Wallet Group has already established a Fintech based mobile wallet service in Japan that supports the life of International Citizens. But to further expand the service in each country, users can easily invest using crypto currency. We would like to provide such financial services that can be done. We hereby propose to you the Digital Wallet Project. This project is based on an existing and already profitable service by Digital Wallet Corporation (Japan). Furthermore, we strive to make crypto currency a more universal and continuous financial platform through Digital Wallet Project.

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16th Nov 2019
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22nd Oct 2019
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About Digital Wallet

DWC Project is based on a real and popular service, and aiming at expansion of its platform to the world.  

Digital Wallet Team is a professional group of mobile wallet and e-money.  Our platform is based on skill and knowledge of IT technology, fintech operation, business model, and legal expertise.  Our technology and operation expertise realised automated and direct network to our partner banks’ system.  Advanced legal scheme is generated by the team lead by our founder with attorney experience. 

Our Digital Wallet Platform is established by such unique and original way with best technology and skill in respective area.  The most important aspect is that our service is already implemented and used by many users for real currency (fiat) world.

Digital Wallet Platform directly allows remittance to the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and etc.; hence, not through the existing banking infrastructure.  By the second quarter of 2016, our service had already begun in Japan. As a mobile money transfer service “Smiles,” the service provides a money transfer service using a smartphone based application.  This application has been offering real-time, low-cost, and 24-hour availability service based on our original platform.  After launching this service, as a Mobile Money Transfer Service, it has become the largest number of downloaded application in Japan.  Business revenue was been profitable even before the estimated target plan for the company.  Digital Wallet Corporation (Japan), which operates “Smiles,” has reached and achieved Net Sales of 3 million USD with Operating Profit Ration of 11.0% in 2018.

Smiles is a poplar fiat remittance service now, and plans to provide DWC token service opportunity for our customers.  Based on the roadmap, we will explore investment service, payment, etc. with DWC tokens from Smiles mobile application.

Financial service world is now changing by crypto technology.  We are now a popular fintech platform for fiat, and going to be a bridge towards crypto based fintech services.Crypto only technology plans may look fancy, but, without real service implementation, it will remain as a mere desk plan. 
Digital Wallet Project has real service at its starting point, and will drive change of fintech world foot-by-foot, it is a project in the real world.   We hope to proceed our project with many supporters from all over the world.  Thank you!

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Eiji Miyakawa
Hiroshi Nakayama
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