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Crypto Currencies Trading Platform

The development of new technologies over the last decade has completely changed the world. The emergence of crypto currency can be considered the most significant event. Thanks to the crypto currency, any startup can use Blockchain, which allows creating your own crypto active asset and linking the asset to the value of the company. This provides an opportunity to create new models of fundraising and transforming potential for venture capital. Over the past few months, the number of start-ups creating their own crypto active assets has risen sharply. CryptoExchange opens up entirely new perspectives for traders and investors. On the other hand, more and more traders in various fields use automated trading systems (robots) that help traders to make quick decisions with the help of the built-in algorithm and instantly place the order on the CryptoExchange. Our mission is to provide a crypto trader with the opportunity to trade on a CryptoExchange through a convenient platform, allowing to connect to several exchanges at the same time and to select the best trading conditions at the moment, using both manual and automatic strategies.

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1 DHT = 0.7 USD
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0.1 ETH
Hard cap
7,333,928 USD
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About DHT

We’ve built a platform for crypto-currencies trading via multiply exchanges.

Our mission is to give traders the opportunity to receive the best prices at all times, which is facilitated through the aggregation of prices supplied by various crypto exchanges, and to empower traders by providing them with all the advantages of automated trading offered by cutting-edge automated trading strategies. A trader who has no programming skills needs to either create his own strategies, using a strategy designer, or use built-in strategies developed by professionals.

At the present time, there are more than 500 crypto exchanges globally, and the list continues to grow as society becomes more receptive to the use of cryptocurrencies and as the absence of any regulations becomes ever more attractive. At the same time, not a single exchange is optimized for desktop use, even though the majority of professional and amateur traders prefer to work on personal computers. Market participants find that they have to trade through a web browser or a smartphone app. Neither of these is flexible enough to accommodate active trading, especially when it’s done on several exchanges simultaneously. The most considerable disadvantage of using web browsers for trading is that if you need to submit an order quickly, you’ll have to keep a separate web page open for sending trading orders for each of the currencies. Given that many exchanges will also display charts for the currencies in question, this can overload the web page. In other words, you’ll need a very advanced computer with a lot of operating memory and a powerful CPU. Even if you do get your hands on that kind of computer, your web page will still be highly sensitive to the quality of your Internet connection, and there’s still a possibility that your system will freeze, go offline, or refresh without any prompting. Also, crypto exchanges do not have a uniform trading web interface, so you will constantly need to retrain your mind, which can be taxing. Lastly, web clients belonging to crypto exchanges do not offer even the most rudimentary tools for automating trading with the help of trading robots, and it is highly unlikely that such a possibility will ever be offered by the exchanges, since this is not related to their core services.

Our application will help eliminate these problems. Practically every trustworthy exchange that is currently in existence offers API (application programming interface), which is a set of programming commands and tools that allow users to work with exchange servers over the Internet. Despite various implementation differences, this set of commands is a standard one and includes the ability to get quotes, send orders and receive order fills, and perform certain financial tasks that include depositing and withdrawing funds, and reviewing the balances for each currency. While functioning as an ordinary desktop application, 1stCryptoTrader will use API to perform all these operations and provide a uniform graphic interface to the user. The user will be able to use all the exchange connectors that have already been added by us (currently, we have connectors for GDAX, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bitmex, Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, Deribit, Okex, Cexio, Huobi, Hitbtc), move funds from one exchange to another with a few clicks of the mouse, create trading robots or buy existing robots from developers through the marketplace by using DHT tokens. It will also be possible to subscribe to trading signal providers (i.e., to choose trading signals that belong to other traders and copy them); DHT tokens will need to be used to pay for those as well.

Additionally, the application will enable the user to work with quotes from different exchanges in real time as well as with historical data. The user will be able to have the data displayed on charts with different time frames; a wide selection of technical indicators will also be available. It’ll be possible for the user to use real-time quotes to search for arbitrage situations, which, as a result of the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market, are a fairly common phenomenon.


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