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Empowering the Decentralized Future

DEXON is the premier blockchain platform for developing DApps. DEXON’s Turing-complete programming language allows developers to create and deploy DApps with ease, and facilitates mass adoption through its permissionless distributed ledger technology that is infinitely scalable. Learn more about DEXON here.

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Restricted areas
Canada, Cuba, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Syria, Sudan, USA
ICO start
25th Apr 2019
ICO end
26th Apr 2019
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DEXON is the latest distributed ledger technology that solves the “trilemma” of current blockchain technology: decentralization, security, and scalability.

It provides the ultimate solution for hosting industry-level DApps that can serve 1B+ user in real world scenarios, such as IoT, smart payments, gaming, music, and assets exchange services.

DEXON is capable of processing 1M+ TPS with transaction confirmation finality of 1 second. Moreover, the DEXON consensus algorithm is mathematically proven to be secure while being Byzantine fault tolerant.

DEXON is currently backed by global top-tier venture capitals such as IDG Capital. As a strategic partner, IDG Capital has led the first round of $20M USD investment in DEXON.


  • Reliable

DEXON possess high throughput, low finality, and high level of network partition tolerance. DEXON is a high-performance and reliable network that can be used to a broad range of applications.

  • Fair

Vast numbers of stakeholders can join the DEXON consensus algorithm, avoiding a minority-controlled network. It solves miner centralization issues because everyone has an equal chance to propose blocks. It’s fairer for each stakeholder to benefit from, and contribute to, the network.

  • Friendly

DEXON provides the most developer-friendly programming languages, such as EVM and SQLVM, for developers of all level to build their own Decentralized Applications (DApps) and prove their concepts with ease.

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Tai-Yuan Chen (Popo)
Wei-Ning Huang
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