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Dendritic Cell-Targeting Therapeutic Vaccine

We are a privately held clinical-stage biotechnology company focusing on the development and commercialization of a revolutionary new immune therapy platform for the treatment of chronic viral infections, cancer and allergy. Our technology is designed to boost specific immune response in order to modify or control presently incurable diseases. Our proprietary Vaccine Platform includes a given disease’s antigen specific plasmid DNA (pDNA), a nanomedicine formulation which encapsulates the pDNA to make it closely resemble a virus (we call this combination a nanoparticle), a topical (through the skin) administration device we call DermaPrep which delivers the vaccine via dendritic cell to lymph nodes of the immune system, and a software product which allows us to design antigen specific pDNA and closely match it to a patient’s genetic and HLA profile. The combination of these technologies supports the rapid and cost-effective development of original biologic vaccine products.

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About Dermavir

Genetic Immunity is a US clinical-stage biotechnology company focusing on the discovery, development and commercialization of a new class of therapeutic vaccines ("Immune Therapies") for the treatment of chronic viral infections (HIV, HPV), cancer and allergies. Our Immune Therapies are designed to intensify and boost specific immune response to modify or control these presently incurable diseases. We believe our products will allow people to live better, healthier and longer lives.

Our proprietary immunotherapy platform is composed of an pDNA (plasmid DNA) expressing multiple disease specific antigens, a nanomedicine formulation encapsulating the pDNA and a topical administration device which targets the formulation transdermally to dendritic (Langerhans) cells of the skin. Our platform technologies support the rapid and cost-effective development of novel biologic products for several indications and provides tools for the selection of an optimal, patient specific treatment regimen.

Our Lead Product Candidate, a therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of HIV is effective in boosting immune response to kill HIV-infected cells. Our preclinical, Phase I, Phase I/II and Phase II trials have demonstrated HIV-specific T-cells immune response and boosting, and the killing of HIV-infected cells. DermaVir has an excellent safety profile. Our goal is to provide DermaVir as a co-treatment option to antiretroviral therapy (ART), and, upon the completion of an additional clinical trial, to demonstrate efficacy in ART resistant patients, thereby opening a safe, effective new treatment paradigm.

In addition to HIV we also work on an extensive pipeline including therapeutic treatments for cancer, the human papillomavirus, MAGE, allergies and more.

Please see our pipeline of virus-associated cancers and warts in discovery phase section of the website.

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