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DataBloc (PreICO)

Protecting the World’s Data

DataBloc is offering the most affordable and secure enterprise cloud services in existence by aggregating excess storage and compute capacity from high quality data centers. Data centers only utilize 43.14% percent of their available storage capacity on average, and there are over 8.4 million data centers worldwide. Using blockchain and distributed nodes, the DataBloc cloud will offer both geo-redundancy and host-redundancy, facilitating a cloud-based sharing economy for data storage and compute. Rather than starting from scratch, DataBloc is leveraging the next generation of a proven software – one that’s been in development since 2006 by a cutting-edge data services company based in Silicon Valley, StoneFly Inc. The software already serves over 2,000 enterprise customers and supports various data services and storage types, offering enterprise-quality data optimization, availability, accessibility, and protection.

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2019-02-01 - 2019-07-15
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2019-07-16 - 2019-08-16
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100,000,000 USD
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About DataBloc

The authors introduce DataBloc, the first enterprise grade sharing economy for data storage and services. The DataBloc platform is a web platform that seamlessly and securely connects service providers and enterprise customers. The DataBloc software, also known as StoneFusion, will be a 9th generation permission-based blockchain solution developed by StoneFly, a well-established data services company based in Silicon Valley. The software supports various data services and storage types, and offers enterprise-quality data optimization, availability, accessibility, security, and protection.

Service providers download StoneFusion and list their available services on the DataBloc web platform. Enterprise and public customers enter their storage needs and which data services they require. Customers then select accommodating providers from a curated list and purchase services directly on the web platform. DataBloc is the first solution where enterprise-quality service providers can download a software that allows them to sell excess data storage and services over the internet, without customer acquisition costs—all within a secure blockchain framework. 

The amount of usable data is growing exponentially alongside advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Social Networks, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things. Surprisingly, less than 50% of all data storage capacity is being utilized. Centralized data service providers have inefficient businesses models and lack security. Fully decentralized models improve security, but since anyone can act as a service provider, users lack transparency as to who is holding their data, creating significant adoption friction. However, a permissioned blockchain offers a logical middle-ground solution where users benefit from the security of the blockchain while maintaining transparency as to who is holding their data.

The current version of StoneFusion is being transitioned to a permissioned blockchain solution. Smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain will govern all transactions on the DataBloc platform. Stone (ticker: STONE) is the utility token used to buy and sell services on the DataBloc platform. Royalty Bloc (ticker: RBC) is the security token that earns a real-time royalty on the revenue generated by the DataBloc platform. Both STONE and RBC are ERC-20 protocol tokens and have a fixed supply. To raise growth capital and distribute the tokens, DataBloc is selling STONE in a private sale followed by a public sale. After the STONE public sale, RBC will be sold in a Royalty Token Offering.

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