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Hybrid Blockchain for Enterprise Security

Cryptyk is building the world’s most complete cyber security and cloud storage platform. Instead of trying to prevent data security breaches, Cryptyk assumes hacks are inevitable and makes files effectively ‘safe to hack’. Cryptyk’s Hybrid Blockchain Technology integrates encrypted decentralized file storage with blockchain auditing and monitoring. This hybrid solution effectively mitigates against the five major threats to cloud security. It is the first complete cyber-security and cloud storage solution from a single vendor and dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of cyber-security for all enterprise.

6 5 expert ratings
Benchy 3.3
Review: coming soon PRO

CTK Token
Price in ICO
0.1250 USD
Restricted areas
USA, Brazil, China, Canada
preICO start
8th Feb 2018
preICO end
23rd Nov 2018
ICO start
28th Nov 2018
ICO end
8th Feb 2019
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Dr. Rex Yeap
IP Blockchain inventor | Serial ICT inventor | Angel Investor | Quant | Educator | Meditator
Rated on Feb 26, 2018

1. Good vision.

2. Not sure who within the team has the technical capability to code the blockchain solution.

3. Good if you can provide screen snapshots or video of the prototype.

4. Pg. 25 of your white paper mentioned about "...tested by over 40 invited cyber-security professionals over a test evaluation period of 3 months." Would like to know more about the profile of these 40 cyber-security professionals.

5. The approach that you have taken for your whitepaper is appreciated but the lack of inline references and citation is a room for improvement.
(a) Do consider using a proper reference format, eg. APA Style, Harvard Reference format, etc.
(b) More journal papers or even patents as your reference would help.

6. Best wishes.


"Luke Lombe (ICO team member) replied me on 26 Feb 2018
Hi Dr. Yeap.

Many thanks for taking the time to review Cryptyk.

I would like to address your comments:

Thank you!

A1) Raghu Kotha is an experienced security developer, as is Dennis McMasters, Daniel Floreani, and Derek Grocke. We have a very experienced tech team with specialties including systems architecture and platform design. We will be adding to the tech team with new talent focusing on blockchain development. The foundation concept and design for SENTRY, the blockchain aspect of Cryptyk, is already in place.

A2) Great feedback, thank you. We will release some demonstration videos over the coming days. The prototype is fully tested and working. Many ICOs have only concepts, yet we have a working product. You can see it at and if you are interested, please email me [email protected] so I can arrange for you to have a login created for assessment.

A3) Unfortunately the names of many of the cyber security experts cannot be released as a large number are black hat hackers. Their anonymity is very important. I will see which names can be released and advise.

A4) We wanted a combination of readability and academic integrity. Where specific information has been used we have provided references. There has been little peer-reviewed journal writing done on decentralized storage and blockchain security, however, you comments have been noted.

Many thanks!

Would you please be so kind as to reconsider your rating? I hope that you see the potential in what we are doing, the strength of our team and advisors, and the fact that we have a fully tested prototype.

Kind Regards


My reply to Luke (26 Feb 2018)

Thank-you for getting back to me. I would have change my Team score from 2.0 to 2.3 but ICOBench score type is integer rather than floating-point.

R2) Will wait for the demonstration videos
R3) Will wait for the names that you can release - am sure that must be at least 1 white hat among the 40+ professionals
R4) There are actually several publications and conference papers, eg.
o Olivier Boireau, "Securing the blockchain against hackers", Network Security, Volume 2018, Issue 1, 2018, Pages 8-11.
o Xiaoqi Li, Peng Jiang, Ting Chen, Xiapu Luo, Qiaoyan Wen, "A survey on the security of blockchain systems", Future Generation Computer Systems,
There are actually a lot more publications.

Luke LombeICO team member replied on 28 Mar 2018
Hello Dr. Yeap,

Just circling back to address your concerns.

R2) Please see the prototype demo video here:

R3) unfortunately it would be a violation of our user / tester agreement to release any names. However, I can release one. Derek Grocke ended up joining the team after he reviewed the prototype, so impressed was he with where we were taking this. You can find his details here:

I hope this is sufficient to implore you to adjust your score as every bit helps and we appreciate honest and fair reviews and feedback.

As an investor, I also hope this encourages you to join our ICO. We are in pre-sale until April 20 and then opening the public sale for 4 weeks beginning May 1.

We look forward to welcoming you on board!

Many thanks
Alexander Sverdlov
Cyber Security Advisor for ICO startups
Rated on Feb 25, 2018

The cyber security offering of the project looks solid from the whitepaper, competitive ideas and not currently being offered by the competition.

MVP is not yet present, this will give more weight to the project.

The team needs to work more on polishing the delivery of their ideas in more formats and in a better quality - videos, presentations, community effort.

Luke LombeICO team member replied on 26 Feb 2018
Thank you kindly for your endorsement, Alexander. Feedback has been noted.
Artem Kharchenko
Advisor, IT entrepreneur, information security expert.
Rated on Feb 26, 2018

Very interesting project, a solid team, ambiguous WP

Luke LombeICO team member replied on 26 Feb 2018
Many thanks for the review, Artem!
Jitendra Chittoda
Blockchain Security Engineer
Rated on Feb 25, 2018

Team is excellent and experienced. They have been working on the product since 2015.

They are competing with Sia & Storj and in video explains that Cryptyk is faster then both of these rivals. We cannot assess as product is not launched.
Unique thing is that the different Cloud storage they are going to use to improve the security. Also some added features other then what Sia, Storj, Filecoin is providing.

Luke LombeICO team member replied on 28 Feb 2018
Thank you, Jitendra!

Speed tests were performed on the prototype and consistent <200ms latency was observed. Looking forward to releasing the market-ready full-featured version in mid 2019.
Divakar Choudhary
Rated on Feb 7, 2019

I strongly believe it's one of the best projects out there.

It has the potential to change the data piracy and hacking.

I wish their vision was more bigger and abundant.

It's still like a blue-chip stock.

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