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Global Decentralise Network

Cryptoriya is the first blockchain based technology where users can exchange any cryptocurrency to cash within minutes from anywhere globally and it supports 1600+ cryptocurrency or token in a single platform. CryptoRiya is a platform for the future of Crypto-Currency that enables anyone to spend, withdraw, sell, buy & sends any crypto-currency anywhere globally without any bank account. While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product based on Ethereum Blockchain. It will include easy Crypto-Currency to cash payments and even a digital arbitration system. At the end, our aim is to make any crypto-currency usable in daily life & getting cash from any crypto-currency within minutes around the world which will make any crypto-currency genuinely efficient, transparent, and reliable.

2 1 expert rating
Benchy 3.2
Review: coming soon PRO
preICO start
15th May 2018
preICO end
20th Jun 2018
ICO start
1st Jul 2018
ICO end
14th Aug 2018
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Dr. Rex Yeap
IP Blockchain inventor | Serial ICT inventor | Angel Investor | Quant | Educator | Meditator
Rated on Aug 2, 2018

C1. I would like to invite Gringamor Greenhand, Jensine Moller and Jaromir Kovalev to undergo the ICOBench KYC.

C2. Multiple allegations against Cryptoriya calling it a scam.
(a) By it's Bounty Manager:
(b) By the community:
(c) Within it's Official Telegram group

C3: What is your smart contact address?

C4: To confirm that this ICO is run under the company "Cryptoriya Currency Exchange & Asset Management Limited" (CCEAM). Would appreciate if you could share with us (a) company website, (b) company registration number, (c) operating address, (c) date of registration.

C5. Who are the company directors of CCEAM?

C6: What is the token lockup/vesting period for the team members?

C7: What is the token lockup/vesting period for the advisors?

C8: I noted that one of your key advisor is Hasan Turgut who happened to be part of FIXY Network which is a problematic ICO by itself, refer to

C9. What are the roles of each of your advisors and who among them is in your Telegram community?

C10. Official Telegram chat group is: with over a whopping 77,000 members as at 2 Aug 2018 and the group was started on 4 March 2018. Some extracts from its Telegram chat discussion:
.....04.03.2018 16:57:20, CryptoRiya [@heng_chin]: >>upgraded the group to a supergroup<<
.....04.03.2018 19:06:24, Lucas Dunshea [@Mkthai]: >>joined the group<<
.....04.03.2018 20:42:11, CryptoRiya [@heng_chin]: >>invited DELETED<<
.....17.03.2018 21:25:33, G GREEN [@GRINGAMORGREENHAND]: >>joined the group<<
17.03.2018 21:25:40, G GREEN [@GRINGAMORGREENHAND]: Hi
17.03.2018 21:25:49, ???? ???? [@yogithai]: hi
17.03.2018 21:30:58, G GREEN [@GRINGAMORGREENHAND]: Hey
17.03.2018 21:31:12, ???? ???? [@yogithai]: yes
.....18.03.2018 05:11:11, michel born [@signal_adder2]: >>joined the group<<
.....18.03.2018 05:11:31, michel born [@signal_adder2]: >>invited ???<<
.....18.03.2018 05:11:31, michel born [@signal_adder2]: >>invited ???<<
.....18.03.2018 05:11:31, michel born [@signal_adder2]: >>invited ???<<
.....18.03.2018 05:11:31, michel born [@signal_adder2]: >>invited ???<<
.....18.03.2018 05:11:31, michel born [@signal_adder2]: >>invited ???<<
.....18.03.2018 05:11:31, michel born [@signal_adder2]: >>invited ???<<
.....18.03.2018 05:11:31, michel born [@signal_adder2]: >>invited ???<<
.....18.03.2018 05:11:31, michel born [@signal_adder2]: >>invited ???<<
.....18.03.2018 05:11:31, michel born [@signal_adder2]: >>invited ???<<
.....18.03.2018 05:11:31, michel born [@signal_adder2]: >>invited ???<<
.....18.03.2018 05:11:31, michel born [@signal_adder2]: >>invited ???<<
.....18.03.2018 05:11:32, michel born [@signal_adder2]: >>invited ???<<
.....18.03.2018 05:11:32, michel born [@signal_adder2]: >>invited ???<<
29.07.2018 19:54:36, Old Boy [@whyrqa]: [[Photo]]SCAM ICO
29.07.2018 20:29:14, Ha To [@lulunet]: this is big scammer. CEO of Fixy Network. Dont trust him and join his channel, he scammed by his project and now try to sell VIP signal
30.07.2018 12:29:13, I wanna kiss u [@Dentlover]: this is scam project guys
stay away from this ico
Many of the members here are saying that a lot of credible websites are classifying CryptoRiya as a scam. What do you have to say about this. It seems to you have been quite on this serious fact. Can you confirm this.
30.07.2018 15:51:06, Efren [@efren06]: It is a totally scam, I warned you guys before to stay away from CryptoRiya
30.07.2018 15:53:25, Vseslav [@vseslavico]: Total scam, they don't pay to us. We are a marketing agency and were not paid at all.
30.07.2018 17:17:34, Muhammad Munif [@m_nief]: how about the bounty, the bounty manager stop the bounty and says scam
30.07.2018 17:38:34, Rashid Ismail [@Stringfellow]: There's no bloody admin in this group..just a fucking bot!
30.07.2018 23:58:31, Amit Ratra [@amitkumratra]: who is group admin
31.07.2018 00:23:58, Old Boy [@whyrqa]: [[Photo]]
31.07.2018 00:24:43, Old Boy [@whyrqa]: Warning it's scam
31.07.2018 04:42:32, CRYPTORIYA FAQ [@Cryptoriya_bot]: SD , welcome to CryptoRiya Official group!
31.07.2018 12:28:41, upileku [@upileku]: SCAM ICO
31.07.2018 15:46:16, Ha To [@lulunet]: Cryptoriya is scam now, i see admin lost and changed their name. this ICO is similar to Fixy Network. Sorry to all investors for your lost with all of scam ??"

C11: What's your github address?

C12. Any MVP to show?

C13. I will revise my ratings after receiving further responses to above questions & the ICOBench KYC.

For your reply, pls use this notation, R1 for C1, R2 for C2, ..., R13 for C13.

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