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AI Crypto Forecast and Trading Platform

We are Cryptics - the world's first public crypto analytics based on AI. Our mission is to give any person, whether it`s an investor, an export or a novice market participant, an ability to find key information based on which it will be easier to take most relevant decision regarding mining, buying or selling the cryptocurrency and creating portfolios of cryptocurrencies. We also offer an infrastructure for creating funds for successful traders not matter how small they are. Finally, Cryptics will relate to the academic community to stimulate scientific research in the field of AI, as well as contribute to the further development of the blockchain technology and community.

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2018-05-07 - 2018-05-21
PreICO Price
1 QRP = 0.001 ETH
1 QRP = 0.001 ETH
Minimum investment
0.1 ETH
Soft cap
4,000,000 USD
Hard cap
20,000,000 USD
Restricted areas
USA, China
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About Cryptics

Use Cryptics to automatically optimize and improve your crypto portfolio from day one Cryptics is easy to use. Works with all major crypto exchanges out of the box.

OUR CORE: AI-Forecasting & Auto-Trading Engine.

• Input from market and social media sources
CRYPTICS screens more than 100k data sources incl. social media, crypto market influencer and top traders.

• AI fueled forecasting
Data processing with cutting-edge Machine and Deep Learning input.

• Understand how to win in Crypto
Providing transparency and easy advice on crypto assets.

Cryptomarket is forecasted consistently and reliably. The Cryptics AI Engine delivers high accuracy crypto forecasts for several timeframes.

• Cryptics delivers the next market movements forecast and tells you what asset can rise and fall in value.

• The forecast delivers daily or hourly forecasts – further forecast horuzons are in development.

• The Cryptics Engine delivers results with over 65% accuracy.


• Reliable Forecast
Get the most reliable predictions on cryptocurrencies based on AI and collective intelligence.

• Self-learning AI engine
Automate your Trading Strategy with the Robo-Advisor.

• Transparency across crypto market
Follow Successfull Investors on the Platform.

Market Potential.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry has emerged as a new and dynamic market, attracting leading specialists in high technologies and sciences. As a high-tech endeavor aimed at diversifying traditional economies and granting immense opportunities for specialists from various industry sectors, the market is set to attract vast funding and provide quality services and products to improve the lives of people all over the world.

OUR TOKEN: Fuel for the Cryptics Platform.

• Forecast engine SLA
CRP Tokens are used to get subscription for the Forecast and auto-trading engine. 

• Crypto fund infrastructure
The CRP enables gathering funds for asset management safely via a smart contract controlled mechanism.



ICO KYC Report
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Stanislav Maer
Oleg Tereshenko
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