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Digital investing in Real Estate

CROWDLITOKEN represents the next generation of financial assets. It is a fully compliant digital bond which allows investors to participate in a European real estate portfolio. Investors can select their own properties, determine their individual risk-return-profile and choose freely between monthly cash pay-out or reinvestment of the cashflows. Investments are possible in CHF, EUR or Ether. The product has a maturity of 25 years, but it will be tradeable during the term. For the first time in financial history, it is possible to directly invest into an individually selected, tailor-made real estate portfolio that is at the same time tradeable. The sale stages are moving flexible. If one stage is full, the next stage starts immediately. So catch the best price. First come, first serve!

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2019-07-08 - 2019-11-30
1 CRT = 0.75 CHF
Minimum investment
100 CHF
Restricted areas
US citizens cannot invest.
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With CROWDLITOKEN, advantages of direct and indirect investing in real estate are combined into a new financial product. The following graph shows the elements taken from the respective investment vehicles.

How does it work: CROWDLITOKEN issues a digital bond linked to real estate and thereby brings digitalization into the world of crowdfunding. Investors can tailor their own portfolio of European core real estate properties. The digital bond will be tradable, bankable and is fully compliant and regulated. A wide range of innovations have been implemented:

• Issuance of a digital bond linked to a real estate portfolio. The investor profits from the income streams and value appreciation of those properties while having a minimum interest on the bond (1.25%-3.00% on minimum repayment amount)
• Invest into an individually selected real estate portfolio with a minimum investment of only CHF 100
• Possibility to actively manage the own tailored portfolio by easily swapping property within one single financial product
• Directly benefit from the monthly income streams generated by the selected properties, choose between cash pay-out (CHF, EUR, ETH) or reinvestment of the proceeds
• Participation on value appreciation of the properties during holding period via exchange or at repayment date via pay-out
• Full liquidity through planned listing on regulated and fully compliant digital assets exchanges
• Fully bankable and investible for institutional investors by providing an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN)
• Full transparency by disclosing all relevant information to reliably assess the value of each property (valuation reports, overview of tenants, accounts of the property, plans, pictures, location etc)
• Co-determination rights via voting-system for major decisions

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