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Blockchain Platform with It's Own Cryptocurrency CS

CREDITS blockchain platform offers the processing speed of 0.01 of a second while the commission rate is as low as ≈ $0.001. Declared high speed can be reached by the usage of data compression, parallel processing of transactions, unique consensus algorithm, that combines the advantages of both PoS and PoW and not using mining. Moreover, the speed is non-linearly dependent on the number of nodes. A greater amount of nodes allows to launch a greater number of rounds, generating pools of transactions, per second that will run simultaneously. The extended functionality of CREDITS smart contracts makes it possible to set cycles and create schedules. This instrument implemented in the form of API with the SDK kit will enable the platform users from finance, IoT, health care, tourism, gaming industries to implement their in-house fully autonomous and self-executable service apps.

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Benchy 3.9
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value of tokens sold in ICO
0.54 USD
From on 2018-05-31 13:20:13 UTC
Price in preICO
1 ETH = 5,000 CS
Price in ICO
0.1700 USD
ICO start
18th Feb 2018
ICO end
18th Feb 2018
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What does CREDITS platform consist of?

CREDITS node is a desktop app with a public software interface of the API app delivered in the C++ language. It comprises a full node and a wallet.

CREDITS web wallet makes it possible to carry out token transfer transactions through a light version of the platform without installing a full node.

CREDITS monitor is a web version of a browser application for the platform public register. The Monitor portal ensures public access to data similarly to the public viewer of any blockchain. It enables the platform’s current status to be tracked.

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