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Network of ATM Atmospheres of Latin America

CORP It is the project that will achieve the adoption of crypto economics in Latin America, for this we will use the ATMCorp Automatic Cryptocurrency ATM technology. Not long ago these devices were only bought by banks and financial institutions, however, anyone, anywhere in the world, can buy an ATM ATM and receive profits from the largest ATM network in Latin America. Our ATMs will have the best positioning to maximize profitability, without neglecting decentralization so important to achieve the social impact of the digital economy. We will place the first ATMs in commercial establishments, department stores, banking centres and places where trade is aggressive, in this way we will add from the beginning.

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2018-11-30 - 2019-04-30
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About CORP

The biggest adoption project of crypto economics in Latin America Corp is a project that consists of placing a network of 5000 ATMs, with an intelligent financing plan based on a secure cryptographic token. The objective of Corp is to connect Latin American countries through the decentralization of automatic financial transactions, using Corp's ATMs, which will serve as a perfect interface for an important set of businesses.

Our sell of ATMs is linked to the digital assets or CORP tokens, for example, an investor buys a Corp's ATM and he receives an amount of tokens CORP proportional to their investment.

These tokens will remain in the custody of the ATM's owner and can only be released when the owner decides to transfer ownership of the ATM to the ATMs Network in a contractual manner. This benefits the business since it will generate a volume of considerable tokens protected by the ATM's contract of ownership. In terms of the market, the more tokens that are in custody, the greater the scarcity of the token, and as a result of the same scarcity, the token will valorize.

We have developed an STO project (Secure Token Offer) that will be open globally so that people around the world can participate in the token's valorization, this valorization as we explained, will be based on the volume of tokens held by the owners of ATMs, and also in the profitability produced by ATMs.

Since we will use the result of the sale of the token for the purchase of more ATMs, which will offer their profitability to the valuation of the CORP token through trust accounts.

In this way, we will have a currency backed by a capital in constant growth.

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