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CONUN is a platform for building a horizontally distributed desktop computing system that can share the idle processing resources of personal computers to handle multiple projects (tasks) that require high performance computing resources. The platform includes not only personal computers but also the resources of smartphones that individuals carry. CONUN connects a personal computer to a peer-to-peer (P2P) network from the Internet, the owner ("Requestor") of an application that requires high performance computing power leases some compute power from the computer of the person or group (the "Provider") that wants to share their computing resources. This configuration can be useful for projects that typically require large amounts of work and long processing times. CONUN implements a method for organizing the necessary processes from the requestor's applications and effectively executing them on distributed computing resources. This approach replaces costly cloud computing services, reducing computing time and making complex applications such as scientific calculations and machine learning easier to use at lower cost. CONUN does not have to pay for using existing cloud computing because it builds high computing power by collecting and sharing resources of personal desktop computers. In addition, because of the distributed computing architecture, certain groups do not have a single control authority to monopolize and regulate resources.

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Price in preICO
1 CONUN = 0.02 USD
Price in ICO
0.0600 USD
preICO start
11th Jun 2018
preICO end
30th Jun 2018
ICO start
1st Jul 2018
ICO end
15th Aug 2018
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On the other hand, we are seeing new technologies that provide a new approach to running distributed applications such as Ethereum. In particular, Ethereum enables developers to create smart contracts that run in the structure of a block-chain. It creates many use cases for designing and implementing services such as forecasting markets, cloud funding, web hosting, general contracts, financial services, and distributed data processing.

Based on these advanced technologies, we developed a platform for building a horizontally distributed desktop computing system where projects (applications) that require high-performance computing resources can be performed at low cost by sharing idle processing resources of personal computers, through this way, we will create an open structure that shares the distributed computing power through interpersonal interaction without proprietary intermediaries, and build an ecosystem that enables individuals to earn money according to the contribution of the participants.

Furthermore, we are noticing that smartphones are getting more powerful and perform better than previous highend workstations, and are becoming more popular than PCs worldwide, we want to build platform that includes smartphone's computing performance as ad-hoc cluster in our distributed computing network.

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