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First and Only Self Contained Eco-System

How will the investor benefit from our eco system: CMC blockchain as per our POC has a protocol in place which rewards all CMC holders 20% from all network fees and every company that will create their smart contracts on C-Chain, the protocol that is build in will reserve 5% of the companies total for the cmc holder. Additionally CMC will become a full STO which like any traditionally business the CMC holders and investors is entitled to revenue and voting rights. CMC will not only provide the service and support to already existing blockchain companies but also to already existing mainstream companies Being a full eco system, all services are in place, starting from token creation on our platform, then we can offer full STO support, to help collect funds for the companies as well promotional packages and once their STO’s have finished, they will list on our cryptocurrency.

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Benchy 3.8
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preICO start
28th Nov 2018
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20th Dec 2018
ICO start
20th Dec 2018
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15th Jan 2019
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Clemen Chiang
Ph.D. | CEO | FinTech in Stocks | Blockchain in Cryptos | Author of Amazon Best Sellers in Online Trading
Rated on Nov 28, 2018

What is the soft cap and hard cap?

"Additionally CMC will become a full STO which like any traditionally business the CMC holders and investors is entitled to revenue and voting rights. "

→ Which crypto exchange is the team planning to list?

Looking forward to the team's response with a view to revise rating.

All the best!

Nick NicholsICO team member replied on 30 Nov 2018
Hi Clemen, thanks for the review.

Right! first things first, No soft cap cause the project goes ahead regardless, and no hard cap either, because our business model is like any mainstream business, we intend to produce, develop and deploy our products regardless of funding, we are 100% focusing on offering a fully functional business, which many forget that is absolutely crucial to conduct business and not just develop a product and fund for it.

Right now our token is a standard ERC20 token, created on Ethereum Blockchain, hence once our blockchain is fully deployed within Q1, we will create our native smart token with all the intended protocols in place at which point we will become a full STO with all traditional shareholding features and protocols in place.

Exchanges perhaps a bit irrelevant of a question, cause thats not something that any company ads to their listing or white paper, never the less, we added all our associations and dealings on our web site, but we have no problem mentioning that we've been in talks with Bancor, Latoken, Sistemkoin and a couple of others further more which might shade a bit of light, our token being still an utility token will enable us to list on centralised and decentralised exchanges.

Hope that helps, i'd be more than happy to answer any other questions, should you have any.

Cheers Mate
Yao Min Ng, CBP
| CBP, CBE, CCE |Currently @ Xtheta Singapore, a cryptocurrency exchange | ICO Advisor | IMMO High 1000 | ICOs Investments | Exchanges Listings
Rated on Nov 11, 2018
Modified on Dec 6, 2018

CMC rating

Already have a base of 40k users.

Beside the three main objective which is a bit mouthful and confusing. Let's forcus on the main thing

As from the white paper, this time i shall not be writing too much as the white paper words most of what is needed to be written

“CMC will build on the advantages of an ICO (Initial Coin OŽerings) to create an ecosystem bringing the next big change in the global capital markets. CMC will enable decentralization of pre-seed investments by adopting unique capabilities of blockchain technology and providing a legal way to purchase security tokens. tokenization of existing assets, creating of a total of 5% which will be reserved for the original CMC token holders with revenue streams, or other hybrid security tokens.”

“The functioning of CMC ecosystem will be powered by the CMC utility token. The token holders will have priority rights to participate in the initial security tokens launched on the CMC platform in addition to other privileges. The token will also serve as a payment for all related services for the issuance within the ecosystem. Therefore, investors and businesses will be using the CMC token. The creation of token on our Blockchain will provide users the benefit of the use of the whole eco system but not limited to use only, however listings a guaranteed and included in the price if the full service is used. This way the decentralized CMC in combination to the user-friendly application/marketplace will create an ecosystem that will be self-suŽicient. Not relying on any external factors is of utmost importance for the success of the project and the tokensale.”

So yes a reason to hold the tokens, a reason to buy the tokens.

On an overall
1. Regulations to STOs is still uncertain so do bare in mind the regulation risk that might be involve

2. The three objectives is a bit mouthful here, to be honest, objective should be what CMC can do for the users, ICOS, and STOs world rather than what to do with CMC system.

3. Overall vision wise, its a bit confusing what is this project trying to achieve, but on overall creating an ecosystem that facilitates STOs is what is needed now, although i am still trying to figure out in simple words how is that possible with CMC. and so i give it a neutral rating of 3. I am quite confuse by the wording of the white paper as to what CMC is actually trying to achieve but to me in my own simple words, “CMC is trying to be the coinmarketcap of STOs” <<< or at least that what i comprehend to be.

4. Product: many features already up and running: thus i can give it a 4.
Obviously not the best written white paper

5. Team, i would say its an average team, thus will give it 3, and up to 4 when kyc is pass
6. Rest of the things are pretty standard to me

upgraded to include kyc pass

Lastest update after speaking to Nick
I have observe improvement made to the website and white paper as time goes by and I have spoken to nick on serveral issues, I am happy that he is a humble man that have eagerness to take suggestions and constantly improve.

Here are some statements from my conversation with him, i am posting only his responses

"CMC’s 3 main projects are designed and focused, on all parties involved, the investor, companies entering the cmc ecosystem and cmc it self.

We designed the and are developing the products with everybody in mind, when investing in cmc you’re not just holding a token but also a become a partner in al cmc products.

Companies entering the ecosystem will benefit and end to end service, including management, marketing and advertisement and all other products being available for them for one small fee"

"CMC was designed to profit everyone involved, and you get 3 products for one token"

"I strongly believe in our teams capability, because they are very passionate about what they are doing and 100% to achieve our objective of creating a brand that will benefit the investor as much as everybody else involved."

As such i have given new ratings for the project uping the vision to 4. and team to 4.5 (although it still appear as 4 in the rating since they system cant give 4.5)

Nick NicholsICO team member replied on 6 Dec 2018
Thanks Yao, a very insightful review that motivates us to improve in different areas of our project, appreciate the pointers. we welcome suggestions, constructive criticism and different views upon which we can improve our services to our clients and users.
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