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The Game With No Admins or Central Server

ChainRepublik is an economic, political and military simulator game running entirely on the blockchain. The game is administered through a decentralized peer-to-peer network with no centralized authority. There is no company behind ChainRepublik and players don't need to request any permission to play or create the content they want. Also, the network rewards players using a limited supply cryptocurrency called ChainRepublik Coin (CRC), that can be exchanged for real money.

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Benchy 2.6
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CRC Token
Price in ICO
1.0000 USD
ICO start
30th Mar 2018
ICO end
14th Jul 2018
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About ChainRepublik

ChainRepublik is new software. The game is running on its own blockchain. It was  written from scratch in the past two years and is not fork of an existing software.  It aims to create the frst  Massive Multiplayer Online Economic Strategy game  with no  need for a central administrator or central server, where players are rewarded for  their achievements.

The distinguishing characteristic of ChainRepublik, which is absent in any 99.9% of  existing online games, will be the possibility of monetizing the time spent in the game.  In other words, players will be able to not only enjoy the game but also to earn from  it, as well. It is and will always be  open source  It's also important to realize the  difference  ICO coins or tokens these days are Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens or similar. All these startups are still centralized businesses. They normally have an address, an advisory board, a team, CEOs and if the startup goes bankrupt, the value of the 'token' will tend to zero in no time.

ChainRepublik is a decentralized p2p network of nodes with no company behind and no central server. This makes it impervious to regulation on a global scale.

ChainRepublik Coin (CRC) is not a 'token' but a real decentralized cryptocurrency, powering a virtual world impossible to stop. ChainRepublik has its own blockchain and has nothing to do with Ethereum tokens.

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