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The First Blockchain Voucher for CBD on Ethereum

CBDoken, a Vienna-based company plans to shock the traditional CBD market by tokenizing CBD Vouchers for premium quality CBD oil. Tokenized Vouchers for CBD oil create a business-opportunity for reseller where pricing is determined by the public trading on the exchanges. This company can help remove up to 60% of unnecessary costs associated with CBD oil distribution​. Utilizing “proof of burn” will enable clear and transparent communication through the blockchain, making information about supply readily available to the public. Worldwide distribution of publicly priced CBD oil is the goal of ​CBDoken by leveraging the best of blockchain technology and great business practice, the team behind. CBDoken has created a plan that will tokenize CBD Full Spectrum Extract Vouchers, where every Token corresponds to underlying​ 10 ml CBD Full Spectrum oil containing 400mg.

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PreICO Price
1 CBDF = 12.50 EUR
1 CBDF = 15 EUR
Minimum investment
60 EUR
Hard cap
10,000,000 EUR
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About CBDoken

CBDoken is an innovative ERC20 Token with unique features. It handles the sale of CBD products and tokenizes consumption-ready CBD products to make it’s trading and purchasing cheap, safe and transparent.

Asset Backed Coin

CBDoken are Token that are created for each individual asset or final CBD product. Each CBDoken is backed by a corresponding and redeemable amount of CBD product and works as a voucher. For instance CBD Full Spectrum Extract (CBDF) is backed by Premium Full Spectrum Extract PHEC55.

1 x CBDoken = 1 x CBD Retail Product

If there are 1.000 (CBDF) Token in circulation, there are 1.000 gram of CBD Full Spectrum Extract in storage. This removes much of the volatility inherent to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum and offers a more stable and reliable form of cryptocurrency. You can redeem your product at any time through our website.

-80% Cheaper CBD

By cutting down the distribution chain and selling directly to the consumer, CBDoken is able to undercut the competition by a huge margin and reduce the purchasing price of finished CBD products for customers by a factor of three during the Token Sale.

ICO KYC Report
2 members invited
Alexander Lacina
Christoph Richter
KYC procedure verifies selected/specific team members only. It does not guarantee ICO success nor is a call for investment.
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