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Suspicious ICO.

Burn Coin

Cryptocurrency for Digital Asset Trading Platform

Burn Coin is a Native coin developed with C++ language, and the arrangement method is a hybrid coin with PoW+PoS merged. It provides wallets that support various OS such as Android Wallet, Window Wallet, and so on. Specially, Burn Coin’s Wallet change the original wallet address to a new wallet address when transaction occurs, it provides a user experience safer from hacking on the wallet itself and so on. By providing block explorer, Burn Coin provides its own electronic trading with which one can check trade records. What choosing Burn Coin as the main distribution will mean for Burn Platform is that Burn Coin is separated from digital content block chain and is a Native Coin that can be used more widely than other platform ubordinate token. Moreover, it is not affected by platform speed.

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preICO start
20th Jun 2018
preICO end
30th Jul 2018
ICO start
1st Aug 2018
ICO end
30th Aug 2018
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About Burn Coin

The new distributed ecosystem able to build its own marketplace provides small digital content companies which do not have their own marketplaces due to large companies with a new opportunity to safely operate digital content on not only the development of the blockchain, but more comprehensively over the digital content ecosystem, TJNT Platform is a company with the development ability to constitute a new type of ecosystem with other small but various digital content companies.

Marketplaces made by blockchain, a new technology, fundamentally block untrustworthy or fraudulent cases from existing in man-to-man trade or transactions via third companies and are willing to make a pleasant environment with reliable, safe, and fair rewards about service values to be fairly provided for game companies or publishers.

In this environment, economic values are divided and given to all participants, and values become rewards based on trust and contract.

From digital content developers, users officially are able to obtain recognition of their ownership, deliver it safely to others, and receive rewards for what they have done by exchanging their value for coins.

Existing digital content middle men replace commission with revenues created by digital content developers. It will be able to do digital content smart contract trading, and therefore economic values will also be able to be better recognized. Through these methods, more users can gather together.

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