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Global Decentralized Instant Messaging APP

The Birdchain service will allow regular people to automatically sell their unused SMS messages to businesses. It will reduce the price of A2P SMS service by up to 6 times for businesses and it will create an opportunity for people to earn up to 300 euros per month. The idea of Birdchain was born in search for solutions for A2P SMS market aws: indecent pricing, tormentingly low SMS delivery speed, poor service quality of both operators and aggregators, closed market, little to none innovations, too many corporate middlemen, an almost complete lack of transparency, and many others. After a while we understood that all these drawbacks can only be eliminated by changing the fundamental market rules. We chose to innovate with blockchain because transparency is its core idea. We decided to create Birdchain. Birdchain is a blockchain-based (r)evolution of services we currently provide.

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Minimum investment
0.1 ETH
Soft cap
9,500 ETH
Hard cap
86,000 ETH
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About Birdchain

Power to the People

Birdchain app is not only a tool which provides passive income (although, this feature alone is quite impressive). It will also be a useful and no-nonsense instant messaging app. So, while users will be chatting with their friends and relatives, Birdchain app is going to earn some money for them.

Birdchain for Companies

Birdchain allows companies to skip corporate middlemen and enjoy much fairer, more transparent, and lower price. Our intelligent algorithms will distribute messages through the Birdchain app users’ phones. The amount of BIRDs the company pays for the campaign will be shared among the people whose phones will be used for sending SMS messages, minus a fair commission for the Birdchain service

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