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Secure Identity for Everyone

BidiKey is a new digital identity authentication platform that is secure, accessible and inexpensive to implement and use. It is applicable to authenticate people and it uses the smartphone as a personal security token. The cryptography that Bidipass applies solves all the problems associated to the authentication of people, identity theft, digital theft and validation of operations as it is a highly secure environment that has the same legal validity as a digital signature.

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2018-03-26 - 2018-04-19
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2018-04-26 - 2018-06-21
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About BidiPass

Imagine a pocket device that allows you to perform any transaction (withdraw cash from an ATM, buy tickets, pay bills, etc.) and will enable you to be approved at an instant. Imagine being able to transfer funds to a secure device that certifies your identity 100%.

Now imagine you are a bank or financial service provider looking for ways you can participate in the fast- evolving world of crypto-based and blockchain-based technology. Imagine accessing a new customer base and opening up new revenue streams.

You've just envisioned BidiPass, as we have. Our solution has two critical parts – a QR code and cryptocurrency.

BidiPass will be powerful and flexible enough to allow users to manage all their digital assets stored at different providers connected to the network from a single mobile or desktop application. The app would have different systems to communicate. We are going to integrate cryptocurrency payment providers as well as online card payments. This would be a Personal Passport that is recognized,
respected and valued by all the entities connected to the BidiPass network.

The BidiPass aims to create a platform that would give support to a global network of banks, financial institutions and other service providers, bridging the gap between legal mechanisms and blockchain technology. The network would enable individuals to interact with third parties banks, financial service and other service providers connected to the system and conduct verified through BidiPass network transactions in a fast and easy way.

While facilitating fast and seamless financial transactions worldwide, BidiPass network will ensure full customer authentication and complete compliance with all the legal aspects of each targeted region where service providers connected to the BidiPass network are operated.

BidiPass aims to create a global platform that securely connects all our partners through new open standard APIs. This would create a 100% trusted community for customers to manage all their wealth and assets, backed by a robust platform that facilitates transactions within seconds and ensures hassle-free compliance across multiple geographies.

Different service providers spend millions of dollars on “know-your- customer” procedures (KYC) to ensure the transactions are made by confirmed user. However, with the given rates of stealing personal data it is becoming more difficult to be sure the action performed by a particular person and being authentic. BidiKey as a core of BIDIPASS platform technology solves this problem, with a two-dimension in up authentication using personal mobile devices, providing the best experience for platform users.

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