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Unification of the Crypto and Real Economy

Decentralized platform for alcoholic beverage market based on social eco system with integrated wireless network combined RFID/NFC tags and sensors. This complete structure makes possible to unite all participants of beverage market and track the beverage from the field to the bottle, giving consumers’ accurate information about beverage he is buying.

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PreICO Price
1 ETH = 6,000 BCC
1 BC = 0.0002 ETH
Minimum investment
0.01 ETH
Soft cap
1500 ETH
Hard cap
30000 ETH
Restricted areas
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First of all we have been producing wine and craft alcohol for eight years and we know this market from the inside. There are two main problems of beverage market.

1. Counterfeit:

The total value of fake wine is around $3 billion, the same is going on with other alcoholic beverage.

2. Quality: 

How one could know which one of two wine bottles of Merlo on the shelf in the shop was made from grapes and without chemicals and which one was made from low quality bulk wine using a lot of different chemicals,  flavor enhancers , sugar etc.? It’s not required by law to write on the label the full list of ingredients used in production of wine or other alcoholic beverage.

Bulk wine is accounted for 38% of global wine trade in terms of volume, thus half of the wine sold around the world.

The revolutionary solution we offer with project is the only way to protect producers from counterfeit and protect consumers from dishonest beverage producers.

What we use:

1. RFID network – tags, readers, active sensors – automatically collects information from the vineyard, vinery, wine cellar (type of grapes, weather information, quantity, quality, temperature, time stored in oak barrels, geolocation and so on) and store this information in blockchain.

2. Blockchain is a guarantee that information collected by RFID can’t and will not be changed. This is the best protection against dishonest beverage producers.

3. QR/NFC – labels will be attached to every bottle of the beverage producers who participates in the project. From one hand, these labels is the key to access to all information stored about this certain bottle on blockchain for consumer; from another hand, this is a protection for producers from fake products being sold in the shops.

At the moment several wineries have already given their consent to participate in the project and new requests for cooperation are coming every day.

ICO KYC Report
2 members invited
Eugene Kipper
Viacheslav Grekov
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