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Baikalika (PreICO)

Blockchain technologies for Baikal water mining

By 2025, pure drinking water deficiency on earth will have grown up to 1.3-2.0 trillion cubic meters per year. China, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa will be the first to encounter severe fresh water shortage. BAIKALIKA extracts the deep-layer water from the Lake Baikal and works on the promotion of BAIKALIKA in the most water-deficient regions in the world.

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2018-02-12 - 2018-03-19
1 BKL = 40 USD
Soft cap
10,000,000 USD
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About Baikalika

Blockchain technologies for Baikal water mining and distribution

There is only one reserve of drinking water with an ideal structure in the world, lying in the Lake Baikal lens at a depth of 400 meters. Unique purity and balanced consistency provide the incomparable light and fresh taste of the Baikal water.

BAIKALIKA has been mining this superior drinking water from a deep layer of Lake Baikal since 2015 and plans to deliver it to the most interesting emerging markets, such as China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

There are lots of counterfeit products in the world, and many companies sell so-called water from Baikal lake, but in the end it is appeared to be not the real one. Blockchain can not only help customers identify genuine packaged water, but it can further allow companies to track their shipments effectively.

Being a healthy-water provider, Baikalika is ready to use blockchain technology to help its customers identify its genuine packaged water.

The company will print a QR code on every single bottle, which will help buyers track every single detail about the bottle, including its production, storage, and transit details. The unique value proposition for every token holder that they will form their own reserve of the perfect Baikal water. One Baikalika token (BKL) represents 1200 liters of the best Baikal drinking water consumed over a 50-year period.

Each BKL provides its holder with 2 liters of Baikal water per month. A holder of 50 tokens is provided with 3.5 liters of drinking water per day for a period of 50 years.

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