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Multichain System

he AZBI network innovates smart contracts for non-native token users through cross chain calling. The smart contract uses AZBI network tools to support use of tokens and BCH with ERC20 protocol. The basic idea is that the tools provided by the network are used on other blockchains and ignites a smart contract on the network with tokens from other blockchains, the tokens will be acquired in the first instance through the toolkit by way of a smart data driven knowledge graph. When the AZBI token number reaches a convertible number to the off chain token, the tools will act to transfer that number of tokens from the AZBI network to consume the corresponding amount of off platform tokens for invoking the smart contract.

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About AZBI

The AZBI Network is a newly created, infrastructure level, multiple chain, public system. It has native support and EVM, which creates a scalable and an open platform for the industry’s third party developers. Large scaled enterprise level applications are possible with the AZBI Network through the use of smart contracts. Core technologies which underline the AZBI Network includes native multiple chain architecture which supports the EVM environment through a POS based consensus across a multiple layer.

As multiple chains become more prevalent the storage capabilities and computer power linearly increases. AZBI Network is the first blockchain that will support EVM on a multiple chain layered structure. The multiple chain approach is far superior than the previous child-chain method which commonly supports smart contracts and benefits by the improved DApp supporting features.

AZBI growth can be seen in a horizontal context with the main and vertical chains acting like child chains; when either creates a new DApp, the child chain is created. This allows the main chain to execute a request which is followed by the generation of a block MP. The new child chain generates an initial node to the MP block which contains the smart contract binary code. When AZBI receives a request on the network it is processed in the network through the generation of the next child block, which is able to grow to the level required within the smart contract being executed. When the smart contracts are upgraded on the chain the newest block generated will carry the binary code for the most recent smart contract.

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