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Milestones Autonomy

We'Re Building The Blockchain Cloud for Autonomous Vehicles

The Autonomy token is an ERC-20 utility token which can be used for exchanging services on the Autonomy blockchain, such as: - Pay for transportation services provided by autonomous vehicles, for parking, recharging, insurance and other services - Receive ATNMY tokens for sharing traffic data with the smart-city infrastructure or other traffic participants (this is completely optional; data is aggregated & non-identifiable) - Purchase access to above traffic data to improve the road conditions & receive alerts The Autonomy token is not a security, an investment or a share in the company building Autonomy. It is a utility token, certified by a reputable law firm in Singapore as being compliant with the Singapore Law with regards to Utility Tokens. It DOES NOT pay dividends, interest and it does not offer any rights to ownership or decision making in the company building Autonomy. The token will be used and exchanged for services provided on the Autonomy blockchain network.

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ICO start
1st Jun 2019
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10th Jun 2019
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March 2018

Started developing the Autonomy Blockchain, Autonomy Cloud and APIs for self-driving
vehicles and mobile apps to be connected. The company is self funded at this stage.

July 2018

We placed an order for a self-driving vehicle worth $350.000 to be built and delivered to our
California office and we started to develop software for it would be delivered. The vehicle
is crucial for understanding and proving to future partners how self-driving cars will connect
to the Autonomy Cloud.

October 2018

We received the autonomous research vehicle and started testing the software developed
for it. Launched a proof of concept of a mobile app that can control a self driving vehicle
remotely through the Autonomy Cloud.

November 2018

Tested our autonomous vehicle on the private roads or car parks in California, connected
to the mobile app and testing our future builds in contained environments. Starting to
contact car manufacturers, consortiums, and local authorities to get them onboard as
partners for Autonomy. Attended the following events with the team and the demo vehicle:
Los Angeles Auto Show, Crypto Invest Summit, Automobility LA, LA Comotion and others.

December 2018

Placed another order for a fully electric autonomous research vehicle custom made for
delivery operations.The aim is to showcase Autonomy testnet, Autonomy mobile apps and
the Autonomy Vehicle software to the courier and delivery industry to hopefully soon get
trias and demos done in various states.
We shipped our first autonomous research vehicle to Asia (South Korea, China, Japan) for
demos with partners and investors.

Janaury 2019

Started the first phase of our private sale. Development the Autonomy chain continues.

February 2019

Part of the team went to Asia for one month to demo the vehicle and meet with investors,
exchanges and partners. We did demonstrations of the technology, we met with
universities, car manufacturer and other important partners.

March - June 2019

We will focus on fundraising efforts for the private sale. We are publishing our first
Autonomy ride-hailing app for anyone to test. Work continues on the private alpha version
of the Autonomy testnet.

July 2019

Provide a way for investors and partners to test the Autonomy technology by logging in
remotely from a PC or smartphone and giving commands to the autonomous research
vehicle to move to different locations in a given perimeter. They will have access to
cameras inside the car and outside to see in real time the movement of the vehicle as
requested by the user.
Conduct a public token generation event (TGE) or initial exchange offering (IEO) if the
private sale does not reach the hard cap for fundraising.

September 2019

Launch a beta version of the mainnet for testing by Autonomy and other partners.
Launch a driverless test delivery service on the public roads of California, with full approval
from the government. The service will deliver food from a few partner restaurants and will
have a “safety driver” in the vehicle, but most of the driving will be done on its own. The
customer will receive notifications through the Autonomy Delivers smartphone app and will
pay with Autonomy tokens for the delivery service.

December 2019

Opening test versions of APIs and SDKs for the Autonomy App Store for third party
developers. Increase the fleet of delivery vehicles.

February 2020

Car manufacturers are able to integrate the Autonomy Chain into their self-driving vehicles.
Local authorities start seeing the first results and benefits of pilot programs for Autonomy.
Initiate discussions with smart-city officials, car manufacturers and

June 2020

Launch the public, stable version of the mainnet for Autonomy blockchain, Cloud and APIs
SDKs publicly available for third party developers. The Autonomy App Store is privately
available and accepts application submissions. First rides paid through the Autonomy
token are taking place.

July 2020

Sign up as many partners and car manufacturers as possible to the Autonomy ecosystem
to have autonomous vehicles roll out the factory floor already connected to the Autonomy
network. We will also provide a seamless way for anyone buying an autonomous vehicle to
register it on the Autonomy network even after the purchase.
We will scale the network, the number of apps available and the number of partners in the
network, focusing on acquiring market share and becoming the secure internet network for
autonomous vehicles.

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