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Asgard Environmental Token

ASGARD is a decentralized crypto ecological fund that provides funding for specific environmental tasks. The fund provides the inhabitants of the Earth with a unique motivation mechanism to search for hidden environmental damage. ASGARD ECO FUND helps to improve human living conditions and the ecology of the environment on our planet.

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Price in ICO
0.1660 USD
Restricted areas
USA, China
preICO start
1st Jan 2019
preICO end
31st Mar 2019
ICO start
1st Apr 2019
ICO end
30th Jun 2019
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About Asgard

ASGARD ECO FUND will provide crypto funding for environment-oriented projects internationally. 

Objectives of the fund:

• Environmental damage elimination.

• Crypto monetary incentives for environmentally oriented enterprises.

• Plastic and other waste recycling and processing into secondary raw materials (ASG RECYCLING).

• Capital assets renovation of existing ecologically oriented manufacturing units.

• Waste segregation projects (including reverse vending machine installation).

• Crypto financing of the phytoplankton farms with the aim of reoxygenating of the atmosphere.

• Cleaning of rivers, lakes, seas and oceans from floating plastic and other waste (ASG NEPTUNE).

• Waste collection and recycling ocean platforms launch (ASG OCEAN).

• Crypto financing of organic farming.

• Support of ecologically focused activities, green public organizations, media resources focused on environmental topics. Environmental awareness support.

• Crypto loans with negative interest rates.

ASGARD provides an effective motivation system of Earth's inhabitants in finding a hidden environmental damage (non-counted and undeclared wastes) and in voting for its liquidation. The reward in ASG token will be used for every contribution by ASGARD members.
Benefits for ASG investors
ASGARD creates a culture of digital investing in the environmental sphere allowing its investors high-yield achieving. ASG token holders who bought ASG during Pre-Sale & ICO will benefit from 6% monthly ASG airdrop. Thus if you invest in ASGARD $100  before the end of ICO, they will turn into 189$ after 12 months. 

Strong professional background

Part of ASGARD team has been involved in waste management sphere for decades. The founder of the fund, Oleg Zhokhov, has a 30-year experience in the environmental business.

The problem ASGARD solves
ASGARD raises awareness about the true extent of the danger resulting from plastic pollution and contributes to finding solutions to the problem of air and water pollution and soil contamination caused by decomposing plastic wastes.
According to ASGARD team, up to 45% of domestic solid waste is not declared worldwide which means that almost half of the waste produced by humans remains out of official statistics of waste generation worldwide. ASGARD ECO FUND offers an alternative crypto financing tool for projects and solutions in the collection of a polymer waste with its further processing and conversation into industrial goods. Expected output – 7-9% annual reduction in the volume of undeclared polymer waste.

ASGARD Blockchain
ASGARD ECO FUND is based on socio-environmental Blockchain platform which will give all the inhabitants of the Earth an opportunity to participate in the elimination of ecological crimes. ASGARD creates a community of reasonably-thinking people who realize the necessity of taking action regarding saving our planet from an ecological disaster.

ASGARD ECO FUND is an innovative project which combines real business and latest Blockchain technologies to fight against the problem of plastic pollution all over the world. It provides alternative financing of technologies which have been tested over decades and gives people all over the world a chance to take part in saving our planet from a global disaster caused by plastic pollution.

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