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Armors Labs

Decentralized Security Ecology for Blockchain

As the world's leading blockchain security laboratory, Armors solutions extend from the smart contract eco-platform to the overall blockchain security.

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4th Feb 2019
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4th Mar 2019
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About Armors Labs

Armors bring bullet proof security to blockchain ecosystems, thus restore the balance between digital autonomy and cybersecurity to blockchain as the future cyber—societal OS.

Lately many bigname hacking events has been posing a serious threat to the growth of a healthy and sustainable blockchain community. As is widely accepted that the future belongs to mass collaboration by decentralization, security flaws and oversights, lacking of protection, governance, oversight and regulation on different parts in blockchain has proven to be one of the biggest problems of the whole blockchain industry. Recently researchers from the University of Singapore released a paper showing that 45% of Ethereum contracts are vulnerable. 

Armors recognized the missing parts and has positioned itself as the security guard of blockchain infrastructure and applications. Through a crowd sourced exploit database, a bug bounty program/platform and a system of algorithmic static code analysis, Armors provide the most up—to—date smart contract scanning and early alert engine, including patented Digital Immunity System (DIS), Security Nerve System (SNS) and Anomaly Migration System (AMS). At the same time, Armors ecosystem also provide compile time and run time protection through its dynamic AI and machine learning driven engine on potential security breaches. Through creating an open and free white-hat community, Armors aims to build a vibrant and innovative ecosystem.

We also discuss other attacks as well as case studies. In the end, we elaborate how Armors will use its static analyzing and dynamic
monitoring to effectively detect, prevent and migrate these attacks, by building an ecosystem which incentize different roles to provide fullranged blockchain security coverage.

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