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ArchiCoin (PreICO)

Distributed Storage Using The Stable Cryptography

The fact of certain purchase of tokens from the stock exchange every time you use the platform is extremely important, as it guarantees ICO investors liquidity of quotations and constant demand on tokens, what is the basic principle that ensures the growth of quotations of tokens. The need to pay the commission guarantees the demand for tokens, what on the one hand gives investors the opportunity to exit the project and at the same time has a positive impact on market quotations - as the only sellers of tokens will be investors ICO,the systemic asset deficit in the market will increase prices even without the investment demand from the participants.

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11 days 17 hours left
2017-12-01 - 2018-03-07
PreICO Price
1 ARCHI = 0.0005 - 0.001 USD
1 ARCHI = 0.002 USD
Minimum investment
100 USD
Soft cap
20000000 USD
Hard cap
30000000 USD
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About ArchiCoin

Modern society can hardly imagine a life without the Internet now. Introduction of the global network in our life is growing at a record pace, more than half of the Earth’s population has an access to the Internet and number of mobile devices maintaining wireless networks has already exceeded number of people in the world.

Apart from the development of the world, common people and business preferences are changing. The annual growth rate of IP traffic is 25%, such a rapid growth is caused by almost insatiable appetites of the users and companies seeking for newer services, including high-definition video streams.

The dominance of process digitalization and transfer of companies’ activities into an electronic format leads to the expansion of demand for data storage. Increase in volume of multimedia product also requires a storage space. That is why one of the most dynamically developing segments of the data storage market today is a cloud storage. High growth rates of the world cloud services market are caused by the company’s transition from traditional models of the service consumption to the cloud services, which are simpler to use and relatively inexpensive towards traditional methods of data storage.

However, during the transition to the cloud storage some people and enterprises fear the possible costs and risks in case of information loss or giving this information to others. There are a few known cases when personal information was given to a third party by the court’s decision or when the commercial secret got into the hands of the competitors.

The security question is important nowadays more than ever an information in the modern world has become the most valuable asset.

Due to the system development of the distributed storage in a blockchain this problem will be resolved. This solution will be available both simple users and businesses. Also, rent of your own computer’s storage will be a wonderful opportunity for tech fans to earn money.

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