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The Fitness of Future

AMOS will establish a number of smart gyms around the world. Through the cooperation with Strength Master Group, AMOS will apply many years of experience in R&D to equipment building needed for smart gym. Besides, it will introduce identification related to AI and big data to analyze the habits of users using fitness equipment, as well as let AI coach teach users how to correctly use these sport equipment with the adjustment of exercise posture and the feedback of strength so as to avoid the physical burden caused by improper exercise. AMOS calculates the calories burned by the user with smart sport watch and motivates the user to exercise through token feedback. Moreover, the smart sport watch records the health and sport condition of the user. The recorded information can be analyzed on AMOS app. Current sport data is analyzed based on the past physical condition, and a personalized training plan to improve physical condition is proposed. AMOS has developed a sport-related crowdfunding platform on which people can pay through AMOS token. Users can conduct some crowdfunding activities on this platform, such as donations for sport charity, sponsoring sport players from distant area, crowdfunding for game funds for players, crowdfunding for new sport concept goods, fundraising for some large-scale outdoor activities, or purchasing some professional sport courses with tokens. Traditional sport equipment or vehicles can collect people's health index, physical condition and exercise data through various sensors, but most devices cannot analyze data. AMOS will introduce artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze the data relationships of various types of sport, and provide a scientific sport model through big data analysis platform, so that people can effectively enhance physical fitness and reduce the chance of being injured. In addition, AMOS also introduces the AI system into the smart gym, allowing people to work out an effective training program by AI without hiring a coach.

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1st Mar 2019
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About Amos

The mission of AMOS is to enable everyone to protect themselves from disease through exercise. Nowadays, lack of exercise has become the commonest problem and sitting long has been normal, which result in lots of diseases of civilization. AMOS integrates hardware, builds up AI and blockchain based on the data collected by its app and puts forward a complete sport ecosystem, effectively helping people set continuous exercise as a goal. Moreover, it provides total health solution and let those who keep exercising gain adequate reward and a sense of achievement.

Factors of modern urban civilization disease can be solved through exercise. AMOS and Strength Master Group have jointly launched a smart sportwatch to record sport data of users and reward them according to it. Besides accumulating data of different kinds of sport, we can conduct analysis through artificial intelligence based on the accumulated data and provide better solution for users. Moreover, users can do many things with rewarded AMOS token, including finishing assigned quests, sponsoring sport events, making donations, purchasing exclusive smart sport facilities and outdoor products, analyzing events prediction and taking part in fitness courses. Furthermore, they can enjoy the priority to use AMOS smart gym. With the reciprocity of token economy, AMOS allows users to earn substantial benefits when they do exercise.

AMOS and its partner have launched a smart sport watch which can detect healthy data and be operated on app. We can accumulate and measure sport data through the execution of different quests on app and motivate users by offering them AMOS token. Based on this complete solution, we can provide users with definite sport solution, do auto-quantification and propose sport recommendations with artificial intelligence, allowing users to enhance physical fitness more accurately.

Sport social network is based on the core of “fitness is a healthy lifestyle”. Through the interaction through social media, AMOS token holders make assignment, start class, match friend, purchase courses and do video consumption and other relevant activities. Users participating community can gain more AMOS token by doing team quests. Besides, they can make friends with people who have similar hobbies in shortest time with the match on app. Meanwhile, users can form a group and take part in the big events held by sponsors and project organizers and earn more profits with AMOS token.

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