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Amor is a decentralized dating platform that brings credibility to finding love online. In the context of online dating, a person is credible when they maintain an accurate profile and engage appropriately on dates. An innovative reward system empowers a distributed network of users to award credible people with enhanced profile discoverability and other digital power-ups, filtering out bots and people that don't belong on a dating platform. Amor is the responsible way to date online.

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ICO start
2nd Dec 2017
ICO end
2nd Jan 2018
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About Amor

Amor ​is ​a ​decentralized ​dating ​platform ​that ​brings ​credibility ​to ​online ​dating. ​For ​years, the ​online ​quest ​for ​love ​has ​been ​plagued ​with ​bots, ​inaccurate ​profiles, ​no-shows, ghosting ​and ​online ​bullying. ​In ​this ​context, ​credibility ​is ​having ​an ​accurate ​profile, showing ​up ​to ​your ​date ​on ​time ​and ​being ​engaged ​with ​your ​date. ​Our ​thesis ​is ​that credibility ​can ​be ​increased ​in ​online ​dating ​by ​decentralizing ​decisions ​on ​credibility ​and increasing ​transparency ​with ​a ​blockchain-based ​ledger. ​This ​social ​credibility ​economy ​is fueled ​by ​the ​AMOR ​token ​built ​on ​top ​of ​the ​Ethereum ​token. ​Users ​employ ​a ​pool ​of AMOR ​tokens ​to ​reward ​credible ​users ​on ​the ​platform. ​Having ​a ​pool ​of ​AMOR ​removes the ​burden ​of ​microtransactions ​while ​allowing ​a ​granular ​feedback ​loop ​in ​the ​form ​of date ​follow-up ​questions, ​likes ​and ​unlikes. ​Awarded ​tokens ​can ​be ​burned ​to ​promote oneself ​through ​digital ​power-ups ​or ​held ​as ​a ​sign ​of ​credibility. ​This ​incentive ​structure ​is powered ​by ​Ethereum ​smart ​contracts. ​Smart ​contracts ​also ​manage ​the ​pool ​of ​tokens ​to ensure ​scarcity.

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