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Decentralized Social Food Network Powered by Blockchain

AllSesame - Decentralized Social Food Network Powered by Blockchain. AllSesame Token is a Blockchain Ecosystem, architecturally designed to create the most Socialized Global Food Delivery Marketplace, developed collaboratively, using the blockchain technology. In today's world the technological development strives ahead very quickly. The trends of digitization and automation are already in full swing. The development of the Blockchain technology has led to a new trend- the trend of decentralization. The principles that are declared and strictly observed by the company: • Transparency to investors and the state. • Transparency of activities and transparency of decision-making. • Readiness to cooperate with all interested people and organizations; • Fairness- a fair payment to investors. • Fair conditions for partners and employees.

5 4 expert ratings
Benchy 3.9
Review: coming soon PRO
value of tokens sold in ICO
IEO launchpad
Price in ICO
0.0010 USD
Restricted areas
USA, China, Singapore, Bahamas, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan
preICO start
21st May 2019
preICO end
30th May 2019
ICO start
21st May 2019
ICO end
30th Aug 2019
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Sergey Sevantsyan
International Public Keynote Speaker, Blockchainer, Adviser, ICO Supervisor, Investment Relations and International Community Relations Manager
Rated on Jul 6, 2019

Food identification and origin is very sensitive and valuable information for the human being, cause it directly concerns to our health and well-being. Despite of huge companies nowadays such as IBM and Microsoft provide tracking and logistic record in their blockchain - I’m sure it’s a lot of things to do for making real this approach for all the people around globe. Let’s wish success for this team to make our dreams happen - Good Luck!

Liliana-Delia Trocan
Journalist, PR, Business Woman and Crypto Enthusiast
Rated on Jul 11, 2019

At a first glance, this project looks amazing. They have a team that has passed the KYC, they have the numbers and experience and they have an MVP for Android with 50+ installs.

However, I took a deeper look into their project because it looks to good to be true and I got excited at first about it and indeed, there are some things that I really don't agree with.

Team - The team looks solid at a first glance and they have passed KYC. However, I looked at all their members and some of them seem to be added there just for the numbers. At a closer look, some team members don't have anything in common with what this project has to offer.

Vision is not original as there are plenty of apps doing the same thing by using and by not using the blockchain technology and they are addressing a small niche of people that would actually use this. I am talking about what will happen when the ICO will be over. Will people actually use this? I mean they are gathering up to 6 million $ for this to happen. Which I believe is more than needed. Such an app can be made with far less such as $250k. I don't agree with their Soft Cap and Hard Cap and it seems more of a profit project than of a legit one.

Product - Such a product would have a great adoption on the USA market, but yet, USA is in Restricted Areas. Basically, they banned their major public and adopters. Why would such a legit project not comply with the USA market, if there is where their main public is?

nicolas nups
Program Manager and ICO Advisor
Rated on May 3, 2019

Dear ICOBench community,

Please note that before reviewing this project & ICO/IEO, I conducted my own DD : team background, competitors, project history, various analysis and KPIs, growth potential and a lot more factors.

Here are the results of this analysis :

- Team : A solid team with professional and experienced members. I wish all team members were linked to the project on social media though.

This is worth a 4/5 for the team.

- Vision : Food delivery is something you see everywhere. There are dozens of competitors in every city and people are now used to order food rather than cooking themselves. This is a huge industry and blockchain has definitely a use here.

This is why I am giving a 5/5 for the vision.

- Product : As promised in their Roadmap, there is already a MVP, functional and user friendly. I wish there was an iOS app too. The products described in the WP are promising but in order to be a frank success, the key here is the community, which is relatively low at the moment.

For these reasons, I am giving a 4/5 for the product.

I invite investors to conduct their own DD before investing time / money on any project.

Abdulnasir TursunovICO team member replied on 3 May 2019
Dear Nicolas Nups, greetings. Thanks for your reviews and comments towards our project!
Andrew Wright
Financial Writer, Advisory
Rated on May 3, 2019

Strong vision as articulated in WP on page 15 – comparing AllSesame app with competitors - and description of food business ecosystem and its interconnectedness.

Some information in WP is superfluous and some important information is missing, for example even brief CV’s/experience of core executive team members (although this is on the website via Linkedin), and no visibility on how the decentralised network will work.

This space is saturated with networks, apps and enterprises, eg OLIO, Too Good to Go, YWaste etc and AllSesame has to build, deploy, add merchants, add consumers, all whilst managing token adoption (and use of wallet, exchange etc).

There was also no mention of the next market(s) outside the home food market; just a mention of global domination (page 24).

Brilliant vision and brilliant to see another app actively targeting food waste. But the platform/network will be redundant without a killer merchant and consumer acquisition plan.

To highlight why the vision is important:

 There is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone

 One third of all food produced is lost or wasted – around 1.3 billion tonnes of food – costing the global economy close to $940 billion each year

 One in nine people do not have enough food to eat, that’s 793 million people who are undernourished

 If one quarter of the food currently lost or wasted could be saved, it would be enough to feed 870 million hungry people

 If food waste was a country, it would be the third biggest emitter of greenhouse gases after USA and China

 Throwing away one burger wastes the same amount of water as a 90-minute shower

Good luck team.

This is not financial advice, nor a recommendation to invest in this or any other ICO/STO/IEO. Investors must perform their own due diligence and not rely on external ratings to make their final investment decision. ICOs/STOs/IEOs are risky and 100% of loss of capital is possible.

Abdulnasir TursunovICO team member replied on 3 May 2019
Dear Andrew Wright, greetings! Thanks for your reviews and comments towards our project. You have extraordinary market statistics about food industry.
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