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A Crypto Alternative to eBay

AllForCrypto will provide a blockchain-friendly platform for the sale of goods and services with its own utility token for funding operations. AllForCrypto brings a blockchain-based solution to the issues that arise in P2P buying and selling goods and services online. AllForCrypto аllоwѕ users tо buу аnd ѕеll items for bitcoin and аltсоinѕ, perfect mоnеу, аnd wеbmоnеу. Our vеrу оwn escrow service аnd the indереndеnt coin payments escrow, inwhiсh uѕеrѕ саn uѕе аlѕо if thеу wish, assures the security of payments and merchandise or service quality. As AllForCrypto iѕ a mainly a сrурtосurrеnсу mаrkеtрlасе, it makes use of the available protections that these systems of payment afford. Payments in bitcoin, litecoin or any other altcoin are safe from fraud thanks to the blockchain ledger. Wе does not accept аnу оthеr forms of payments ѕuсh аѕ bаnk transfers and credit саrdѕ due tо thе сhаnсе оf frаud bу thе рurсhаѕеr. In this wау, the seller is juѕt as рrоtесtеd аѕ thе buуеr which iѕ nоt.

9 8 expert ratings
Benchy 3.9
Review: download now PRO
Price in preICO
1 AFCT = 0.1 USD
Price in ICO
0.2500 USD
KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas
Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Guyana, Iran, Iraq, Lao PDR, North Korea, Syria, Uganda, USA, Seychelles, and Yemen
preICO start
24th Nov 2018
preICO end
31st Dec 2018
ICO start
1st Jan 2019
ICO end
1st Sep 2019
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Clemen Chiang
Ph.D. | CEO | FinTech in Stocks | Blockchain in Cryptos | Author of Amazon Best Sellers in Online Trading
Rated on Mar 7, 2019
Modified on Mar 7, 2019

1. KYC → 3 key members passed ✅

2. Soft cap 2,000,000 USD ✅
Hard cap 21,000,000 USD

3. Milestone #3 → might not be realistic to plan 5 months for fund raising and listing on crypto exchange

4. Advisors → top notch team assembled here to navigate through the challenges in this current market ✅

5. CEO → LinkedIn profile did not show past experiences. Why?

6. " AllForCrypto brings a blockchain-based solution to the issues that arise in P2P buying and selling goods and services online."
→ Seems very much similar to services if not for accepting payments in cryptos. Is there a use case?

All the best!

William LeenICO team member replied on 10 Mar 2019
Here is my rebuttal to some of your concerns. Well all the exchanges what to list us so that is a no issue.We could get listed on 5-6 exchanges tomorrow if we had the funds. Hard cap has to be that high because a reserve fund is needed to maintain a steady token price .Yes i do need to update my LinkedIn profile .Will get on that when i get a chance.I think we trying to be way bigger then .I think a more comparable site to compare what were trying to be would be eBay .Anyway thanks for the review .Hopefully this answers your concerns .
Miruna-Maura Barbulescu
Entrepreneur, Author, Journalist, Trainer, Influencer, Crypto Expert, Twitch Streamer and Marketing Specialist.
Rated on Dec 15, 2018

This project plans to build a crypto based alternative to eBay. They already have an MVP in place which looks really good, I just played around with it, so a 5 rating for the product.

Their vision is not quite original, as many have already tried to implement such a platform, however, their mindset is different and they seem to be determined to bring a really good product on the market. Because of their different mindset that seems in place, I am giving them a 5 on vision as well.

As for the team...the project is still in its early stages and have 10 team members. This seems to be the only drawback of the project and I highly recommend you guys to add more team members and advisors to properly develop this project. The good part is that they passed the KYC and 5 out of 10 team members have an ICO Success score on ICO Bench so this is a really good sign. However, because of the reduce team member number, even though they managed to pull out an MVP, I will give a rating of 3.

Overall, this seems a promising project. I wish you all GOOD LUCK!

William LeenICO team member replied on 30 Jan 2019
Yes, the lack of team members is an issue. Currently trying to bring in more people as we speak.Thanks for the review
Ian Scarffe
Investor | Consultant | Blockchain Advisor | NFT Advisor | DeFi | Initial Dex Offering (IDO) | Play2Earn Games | Metaverse| European Commission Exper
Rated on Jan 30, 2019
Modified on Jan 30, 2019

The product is really nice and it's good to see they have a working MVP. Although they have some good team members, I feel they could do with a few more people on board. The vision looks fairly solid.

William LeenICO team member replied on 30 Jan 2019
I agree the lack of team members is an issue that many people have with the project. Problem has been compounded by me in a way. One I am very picky who I work with and two I don't like spending money:) .Even with those two issues were slowly but surely bringing. in new people.Thanks for the review .
Daryl Naidoo
Founder-Promethean Dynamics |Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect|Blockchain Advisory Council |Alliance of Blockchain Professionals |
Rated on Feb 22, 2019
Modified on Feb 22, 2019

I like the concept and see the value in a platform like this. The fact that they already have a live, working MVP is certainly impressive. I also love that they have incorporated an escrow service into the platform.

This will not be an easy fete at all but from what I see so far, I have faith that they will be able to pull it off.

Would really like to see this project take shape as these kind of projects will help to increase user adoption.

William LeenICO team member replied on 10 Mar 2019
Yes it going to be a uphill battle but hopefully we can pull it off.Thanks for the positive review .
Nozomu Nakazato
Blockchain consultant
Rated on Dec 20, 2018
Modified on Dec 21, 2018

The project is trying to challenge the fairly fierce industry. Part of the idea is very unique, but for me it seems that the seller is overwhelmingly disadvantageous system.
Regarding escrow used for the platform, there is no indication of its actual condition and the expenses for escrow are not specified in the financial plan.
I sent a questionnaire to the operation team. The team representative kindly sent me a reply.
According to the representative, the team itself is responsible for escrow. In other words, rather than contracting with escrow, team confidence will do that kind of service.
And I could not find the MVP.

* I found MVP and confirmed its operation. I was able to discover MVP from the bench link. This was my perfect mistake. We expressed our apology here and revised the evaluation of the product.

William LeenICO team member replied on 30 Jan 2019
Yes, we will cover the escrow. Wont be too difficult we have a pretty easy setup. Thanksfor the review if have any more questions feel free to ask.
Liliana-Delia Trocan
Journalist, PR, Business Woman and Crypto Enthusiast
Rated on Dec 28, 2018

An alternative to eBay built on the blockchain with a working MVP and a solid vision. However, this is not an original project, as I've seen other ICOs similar to it, but the difference will be made by their team.

And speaking of the team, they are planning to become a leading platform in the industry, they have passed the KYC, but their numbers are not enough.

They have 7 individuals listed on their website and 10 on ICOBench. For such a project, you need a solid working team, unless you are planning to outsource services. And in that case, you should mention it somewhere so people can understand. I am sorry, but I cannot provide a better rating for such a small team who aims to launch such an ambitious project. It makes no sense. :)

William LeenICO team member replied on 30 Jan 2019
Yes, we do hire people temporarily for some jobs to save money. Sorry, i never made that clear anywhere.We have an updated whitepaper sometime in the future that will go into more details That will be part of our business model going forward. Thanks for the review.
Iulian Anghelin
ICO - STO - DAICO Advisor, Investor Relations, Public Speaker
Rated on Jan 28, 2019

The team is trying to offer the market an alternative to ebay or amazon. The idea is good and could work because the online shopping market is expanding more and more, but you have to be always at the top, innovative and you need a very experienced team.

The MVP is nice and works well, already offering an overview of the situation to those who wish to try it, so congratulations to the team for making it available already.

On the other hand, after a careful analysis of the team, whitepaper, website and social media, one can easily see the lack of the minimum experience that a project with such ambitions requires.

There are uncertainties starting from the roadmap, which is written in ICO Lauch March-August 2019, but then going on the website, the ICO is already live, in January 2019.
The whitepaper is written very amatorially and even the graphic part is not the best. There are no analyzes and comparisons with the various competitors, Blockchain or Traditional, the price of the token is too high for the current market conditions.

The distribution of tokens does not meet the normal parameters of a Blockchain project with these ambitions, it offers 70% of the total supply to the sale, while only 9% of reserve fund, I hope you guys know how easy it is to remain without tokens.

The most experienced team member is one of the advisors, while for the others, have found it difficult to check the background. Also the number of collaborators tends to be very short, given the work to be developed and the challenges to be faced.

That said, I hope you can improve and get to the top because the idea is good and there is room for everyone on the market, but it is not enough just enthusiasm and a good website.

William LeenICO team member replied on 30 Jan 2019
Were currently bringing in new team members and advisors to bring in more experience. The roadmap is currently being updated to be more in-depth.A more updated and details whitepaper will be released sometime in the future. Thanks for your concern about the lack of a reserve but our financial control, unlike other ICOs, is airtight.As long as I am in charged money won't be spent frivolously. Anyway thanks for the review I hope I address all your points ..
Felix Hötzinger
ICO Meetup Host, Speaker
Rated on Feb 9, 2019

Team is to small at the Moment. I would also like to see some more experienced advisor.
Market is big but there is a hard fight for market shares.
I would like to see a MVP running soon.

William LeenICO team member replied on 9 Feb 2019
.Yes the team is small but we have a working product already. Hopefully, you can update your score when we have more team members and advisors more our coming on aboard shortly coming shortly.Anyway Thanks for the review
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